On Saturday Père-Lachaise was taken by General VINOY; in the evening the Buttes Chaumont were carried by General LADMIRAULT. The two corps united, and the remaining Insurgents were forced into narrow space at the edge of the enceinte, where they are hemmed in between the Versailles troops and the Prussians, and must surrender or be killed.

The Emperor read it and bent his weary steps towards Châlons; Bazaine read it and said, "There is time;" MacMahon, Canrobert, Leboeuf, Ladmirault read it and wondered idly what it meant, till Vinoy turned a retreat into a triumph, and Gambetta, flabby, pompous, unbalanced, bawled platitudes from the Palais Bourbon.

Colonel Piquemalle, Chief of the Staff of General Vergé, was killed to-day. The following circular despatch was yesterday forwarded to the Prefects of the several Departments. "The tricolour flag waves over the Buttes-Montmartre and the Northern Railway station. These decisive points were carried by the troops of Generals Ladmirault and Clinchant, who captured between 2,000 and 3,000 prisoners.

IT WILL HAVE TO BE TAKEN TO HIGHER AUTHORITIES, that is to say, to the minister who will send it to General Ladmirault; it is enough to make you die laughing. But I don't agree to all that, and I prefer to keep quiet till the new administration. If the NEW administration is the clerical monarchy, we shall see strange things.

I found that early this morning all the important positions of Montmartre had been taken by the two Corps d'Armée of Generals Douai and Ladmirault. The latter General had occupied the station of St. Ouen and the Place of Clichy, and he had advanced to Montmartre by an external movement, keeping for some distance outside the ramparts.

If I publish it, I would rather that it should be at the same time as another entirely different book. I am working now on one which will go with it. Conclusion: the wisest thing is to keep calm. Why does not Duquesnel go to find General Ladmirault, Jules Simon, Thiers? I think that the proceeding concerns him. What a fine thing the censorship is!

Arnault, Le Boeuf, Ladmirault, Morris, Leflo, and many another in its ranks! The army left Constantine in two detachments. I returned with the second, which escorted the general in command, who had fallen sick, and an enormous convoy of fever patients and cripples of all sorts. It was a dreary journey back, for the column was decimated by cholera, and the road was strewed with corpses.

The various corps were distributed as follows: Imperial Guard, General Bourbaki Nancy. Ist Corps, Marshal MacMahon Strassburg. IId Corps, General Frossard St. Avold. IIId Corps, Marshal Bazaine Metz. IVth Corps, General Ladmirault Diedenhofen. Vth Corps, General Failly Bitsch. VIth Corps, Marshal Canrobert Châlons. VIIth Corps, General Félix Douay Belfort.

The troops under Generals Ladmirault and Glinchamps were at once set in motion to follow them. The Versailles troops entered Paris at 4 o'clock this afternoon at two different points namely, by the St. Cloud Gate at Point du Jour, and by the gate of Montrouge. The ramparts were abandonned by the Insurgents. MAY 21st. AND 22d. The great event of yesterday came upon every one by surprise.

Hans is in the wood to the north of Tronville, helping to keep back Leboeuf from swamping the left flank. The shells from the French artillery on the Roman Road are crashing into the wood. The bark is jagged by the slashes of venomous chassepot bullets. Twice has Ladmirault come raging down from the heights of Bruville, twice has he been sent staggering back.