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If he can afford them, the victim may hire two kahunas and have them pray around the house until the opposition is silenced or the malevolent employer's money gives out.

If he has hired a kahuna himself to neutralize his enemy's bad prayers with good ones, the two voodoo workers will retire and consult as to a settlement, each preserving a dignity and courtesy worthy of his high profession, for, although the Roman soothsayers could not keep from snickering when they met one another in the street, these kahunas really believe in themselves, for they have prayed too many people out of the world not to do so.

And I held her poor bones in my hands bones once fleshed with sensate beauty, informed with sparkle and spirit, instinct with love and love-warmness of arms around and eyes and lips together, that had begat me in the end of the generations unborn. It was a good experience. I am modern, 'tis true. I believe in no mystery stuff of old time nor of the kahunas.

But, mark you this! It is only those who believe in, and fear, the power of the Voodoos that are so affected. In Hawaii, the Kahunas or native magicians are renowned for their power to cause sickness and death to those who have offended them; or to those who have offended some client of the Kahuna, and who have hired the latter to 'pray' the enemy to sickness or death.

If an apology and a couple of dollars fail to soften the enemy, or if the kahunas believe they can raise the stake to three dollars by toiling a while longer, a prayer duel follows and the best man wins.

At once the soothsayers proclaimed him as the man of prophecy who should conquer the eight islands and end their strifes. It seemed as if for once or oftener the kahunas were wrong, for the babe disappeared that very night.

It is well known that the Voodoos of Africa, and similar cults among other savage races, practice Black Magic among their people with great effect. Among the native of Hawaii there are certain men known as 'Kahunas' who pray people sick, or well, whichever way they are paid to do. These instances could be multiplied almost indefinitely, but the basic principle is ever the same in such cases.

White persons living in Hawaii are not affected by the Kahunas, for they do not believe in them, neither do they fear them. Unconsciously, but yet strongly, they 'deny' the power, and are immune. So you see the principle working out here, too. Once you have the master-key, you may unlock many doors of mystery which have heretofore been closed to you." Self-Protection.

The spittoon was emptied into the sea at a distance from land secretly and in the middle of the night. What a lecture Charles Dickens would have read to the Americans out of this circumstance! The last death attributed to the kahunas was that of Princess Kaiulani in the spring of 1899.

The poor, ignorant Hawaiians, believing implicitly in the power of the Kahunas, and being in deadly fear of them, are very susceptible to their psychic influence, and naturally fall easy victims to their vile arts, unless they buy off the Kahuna, or make peace with his client.