Men that use to hope to enjoy that money or estate, that by those that are faithful is promised to them, and put into the hands of trusty persons for them; why this is the case, God that cannot lie, has promised it to the hopers, and has put it into the hand of the trusty Jesus for us, therefore let us hope that in his times we shall both see and enjoy the same we hope for.

Their hands were clasped, and by the writhing of those hands I knew how they had yearned, and the madness of delight waiting to leap from them wives, mothers, fathers, children, the patient hopers against hope. Far out on the road something darkened the sunlight. They were coming! The Angel of Peace, watching the slow folding back of this darkness, will look on an earth of cripples.

They have a fanatical, unshakable, perennial faith in every prospect hole they open, no matter how many have been false leads. They are incorrigible optimists, the world's champion hopers. Unkempt, unhurried, dreaming, confiding, trustful, superstitious, they wander the length of the Rockies, seeking the materialization of their golden visions.

Wilford Ducker, starched as stiff as boiled and raw starch could make him, recited "Perish, King Alcohol, we will grow up," but was accorded a very indifferent reception by the Band of Hopers. Wilford was allowed to go to Band of Hope only when Miss Barner went for him and escorted him home again. Mrs. Ducker had been very particular about Wilford from the first.

But the Baptist preacher only shook his head, the hot wind blowing his wide overalls against his thin legs. Morgan stood aloof from doubters, hopers, scoffers, and all, saying no word for or against the rainmaker.

A jam of people, most of them imitations most of them trying to look like they get more salary. Poor, hungry, doped butterflies of the bright lights, hopers, suckers and straphangers! Down the great white way they go chasing amusement to find happiness. They must be amused every moment, even when they eat, or they will have to be alone with their empty lives.