He can argy any thing out'er his maw and the gals and the boys nigh bout hayr haint got no show with him; somehow he gits every thing they gits hold on. And you oughter see him shoot with a squirrel gun! Many a time he's knocked the bark out from under a squirrel and killed him without raising a hayr.

Rogers, hayr, just offered to gin me thirty thousand dollars for our old mountain home which we bought two year ago from old man Roberts for five thousand. I told him we would trade her off for fifty thousand; not such bad intrust for a mountain yahoo and his old woman, He! Mandy!

Both Redburn and Anita were unconsciously becoming interested. "And do you think there is gold here, in this flower-strewn pocket-valley?" "I don't think it I know it. I hed a dreem et war hayr in big quantities, so I h'isted my carcass this direction. Ter-nite I'll hev ernuther nighthoss, an' thet'll tell me precisely where ther strike ar'."

When I got off the train at the dee-pot, a nigger steps up and says ter me: 'Boss, give me yer verlisse. He didn't get them saddle bags, you bet. I was too sharp for that. I went to a hotel somewheres. They stuck a big book under my nose and says, sign hayr.

Rogers understanding him, replied: "Caro ragazzo, voi mi annoiati oltre mode, buono notte." "Ma non debbo ancora." "Well you speak dago too, he's a great boy aint he, jest like his paw." "What mought yer bissiness be, Mr. Rogers?" "I am secretary of the Pittsburgh Coal & Coke Company." "Yaah, that's the new crowd what's come in hayr buying out the old settlers.

I hearn you bought that old Boyd Dickinson survey. Well you didn't git much. They've been trying for nigh forty year to locate the beginning corner. The first time Cal Hurst and them surveyor men came prowlin' round hayr, we got two on them. How's that trial with the Davis heirs comin' on? Old Milt Yungthank at Pineville has looked ater their bissiniss fer nigh twenty year.

Will they lay out their hair, and wear their false locks, their borders, and towers like comets about their heads?" And they were called "Apes of Fancy, friziling and curlying of their hayr."

"Brother would be very angry if he were to return and find this man here, what would you advise?" "I am of the opinion that he will have to vacate," replied Harry, decidedly. "Nix cum-a-rouse!" disagreed the old prospecter. "I'm hayr, an' thar's no yearthly use o' denyin that.