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"Look yere, Lizay," Alston said with sudden inspiration: "le's go tell Mos' Hawton all 'bout it. Ef he's a genulman he'll 'ten' ter us. They won't miss us till night, an' 'fo' that time we'll be in Memphis. Yer knows the way, don't yer?" "Yes," Lizay said; "an' I reckon that's the bes' thing we kin do go tell moster an' mistis. But, law!

"To be sho', Mos' Hawton. I's morred Lemme see how many wives has I morred sence I fus' commenced?" "Oh, I don't mean that;" and Dr. Horton proceeded to explain what he did mean. "No," said Moses. "I never done any that business, but reckon I could: I's done things a heap hauder." "Well, let me see you try your han' on this couple."

She didn't b'long ter my ol' moster: she b'longed ter Squire Minor. I tuck a wife off'en our plantation. She's goin' ter ax her moster ter sell her an' the childun to Mos' Hawton, and I's waitin' ter fin' out ef he'll sell 'um. I ain't goin' ter cou't no other gal tell I fin's out." "Yer hopes he'll sell her, don't yer?" Little Lizay asked with an anxious heart.

Some whisper that she is alredy ingaged and meanes to employ her full force strength and vertue for the L. Hawton or Hollis, who is become her prime privie Counsailor and doth by all meanes interest and combine her with the Lady of Suffolke and that house. A man whom Sir Edward Cooke can no wayes indure, and from whose company he wold faine but cannot debarre her."

Did this threat frighten Little Lizay out of her devotion? "Two hunderd is 'nuff fer a little gal like yer," Alston said the next morning. "Save my life, I can't pick no more'n a hunderd an' a few poun's mo'. I wouldn't stan' ter be flogged ef I'd done my shar'." "Got ter stan' it can't he'p myse'f." "I'd go ter town an' tell Mos' Hawton.

Look yere, Mos' Hawton: when I come on yer plantation I made up my min' ter sarve yer faithful ter wuck fer yer haud's I could ter strike ev'ry lick I could fer yer. When I hoed cawn an' pulled fodder I went 'head er all the han's on yer plantation. But when I went ter pick cotton I wusn't use ter it. I wuckt haud's I could, 'fo' day an' arter dark.

Mos' Hawton, I couldn't pick a poun' more'n I pick ter save my life. But I wus 'hin' all t'other han's.