'Tha'lt rouse thysen up a bit again, now, Maggie, the father-in-law said and then to me: ''ers not bin very bright sin' Alfred came whoam, an' the bod flyed awee. 'E come whoam a Wednesday night, Alfred did. But ay, you knowed, didna yer. Ay, 'e comed 'a Wednesday an' I reckon there wor a bit of a to-do between 'em, worn't there, Maggie?

He was Danish looking, broad at the loins. 'I's come back then, said the father to the son; 'leastwise, he's bin browt back, flyed ower the Griff Low. The son looked at me. He had a devil-may-care bearing, his cap on one side, his hands stuck in the front pockets of his breeches. But he said nothing. 'Shall you come in a minute, Master, said the elderly woman, to me.

As he beheld their immense wings, extended in slow but easy flight, it occurred to him that one or other of the great creatures might have the power to perform that task which had proved too much for the bearcoot; and for which the "kite" had been "flyed" in vain.

The rope with which it was to be "flyed," occupied more time, and required more care, than any other portion of their work. Every strand had to be twisted with the greatest exactness; and almost every fibre tested, as to its strength and fitness.

'It wor our Alfred scared him off, back your life. He must'a flyed ower t'valley. Tha ma' thank thy stars as 'e wor fun, Maggie. 'E'd a bin froze. They a bit nesh, you know, he concluded to me. 'They are, I answered. 'This isn't their country. 'No, it isna, replied Mr. Goyte. He spoke very slowly and deliberately, quietly, as if the soft pedal were always down in his voice.

And while we were talking thus together, little by little wee came to her house, and behold the gates of the same were very beautifully set with pillars quadrangle wise, on the top wherof were placed carved statues and images, but principally the Goddesse of Victory was so lively and with such excellencie portrayed and set forth, that you would have verily have thought that she had flyed, and hovered with her wings hither and thither.