Think how disease, in proportion to its severity, is a loss of digestive power, and with cure energy entirely of the brain, how serious a matter it is to lessen it by waste of energy in forcing decomposing food masses through a digestive channel nearly two rods long, food masses that the brain will have none of, and that do not save the fat and muscles; think of all this physiology, and raise this question: "Is this man alone in his faith and practice, or is Nature so in line with him that the entire medical profession is wrong in their dosings and feedings?"

When she is tired or convalescent a depressing thought sticks, becomes an obsession, a fixed idea, to the plague of her life. Thus when she was nursing her first baby the night feedings exhausted her.

Then time the feedings two hours apart. "Of the best," I interjected. "My uncle was a fancier of time-keepers and had one in every room, and no two alike in ornamentation, all beautifully decorated." "The ornamentation doesn't matter," said Galen, impatiently. "Do they keep time with anything approaching accuracy?" "As near accuracy," I said, "as any clepsydras ever made."

He orders also the amount to be given at each feeding, and the number of feedings to be given in the twenty-four hours. Each bottle contains just the amount to be given at one feeding.

But then I remembered Doctor Stein had stayed 'most two weeks when he came South with Tom for a visit and said he had tacked ten years on to the end of his life by just them few days of Providence junketings and company feedings, so I made up my mind not to be proud none and to say for you to come on.

After the first few days most young infants require one feeding in the middle of the night, which is usually given about 2 A.M. The day feedings then begin at 6 A.M., and are repeated at regular intervals until 9 or 10 P.M. The daily bath should be scheduled so that a feeding will be due just after the bath has been completed.

But this need not be feared; extensive experience has shown that if an infant is getting human milk of satisfactory quality at all its feedings during the twenty-four hours, save one or two, at these times it will digest properly modified cow's milk without the least inconvenience.

No fear need be felt as to the feeding of the horses, for our horses are accustomed to little corn. Sometimes feedings of soaked rice with molasses added have given favorable results. A possible help for the outfitting of the artillery would be the purchasing in Italy of native mules and loading them at Genoa.

In a few months this woman was able to return to her home, and with restored mind to tell me of the violent feedings she had endured. Now let us look again to the structural conditions involved in diseases of the mind.

First give one feeding of cow's milk a day and two breast feeds; then two feedings of cow's milk and one at the breast, and at last cow's milk entirely. Between the ages of nine and twelve months begin giving starchy foods. At first the child will take very little, and gradually increase. Give bread so stale that the child has to soak it with its saliva before it can swallow the bread.