Big Bill turned bitterly upon Elliot. "So you were faking all the time, young fellow. We save your life and you round on us. You're a pretty slick proposition as a double-crosser." "And that ain't all," chirped up Holt blithely. "Let me introduce our friend to you, Mr. Big Bill Macy. This is Gordon Elliot, the land agent appointed to look over the Kamatlah claims.

"Scott Parsons, I hope you go up that Mormon valley and that they get you, you blank-blank double-crosser you!" Scott shrugged his shoulders. Judith glared at each of the men in turn. "I hate you all, every one of you!" she cried. "What chance has a girl among you? You're just like a lot of coyotes after a rabbit!" "Rabbit! Say lynx-cat, Jude!" laughed John.

You wouldn't understand." Bennie's suspicions now were in full play, and his gaze came to rest upon Calvin Gray; his eyes began to blaze. "You you big bum!" he cried. "I might have known you were a double-crosser." "Hush, Bennie, please!" "I'll get you for this." The midget was quivering with rage. "You'll look worse 'n that, you you big bum!" "Take my key. Here!"

"I couldn't have done what you did, but maybe it was for the best. The traitor is dead; the mathematician will live forever." "You miss the whole point," MacLeod said. "Both of you. It wasn't a question of revenge, like gangsters bumping off a double-crosser. And it wasn't a question of whitewashing Lowiewski for posterity. We are the MacLeod Research Team.

I had never been in one before." "Dunke!" A spasm of rage swept the man's face. "You're a friend of his, are you? Where is he? If you came with him how come you to be roaming around alone?" "I got lost. Then my light went out." "So you're a friend of Dunke, that damned double-crosser! He's a millionaire, you think, a big man in this Western country. That's what he claims, eh?"

He and his friend slipped quietly to the far end of the house and found shelter round the corner. "Ain't that like Dug, the damned double-crosser?" whispered Bob. "I reckon he didn't try awful hard to hit you. Just sent his compliments kinda casual to show good-will." "I reckon he didn't try very hard to miss me either," said Dave dryly. "The bullet came within a foot of my head."