Presently our horses began to trot at a lively pace; they felt the road sloping downhill. The driver, who had long been nodding in his seat, was suddenly shaken out of his slumbers. He woke up with a start, and flourished his whip; which is a habit acquired in his trade. Uphill or downhill, your coach-drive is bound to work with his whip.

I know his handwriting.... While father and I were in Paris he often sent invitations for fixtures at the Velo once for a coach-drive to Fontainebleau. I was rather sorry I missed that." Medenham thanked her in his heart for that little pause. No printed page could be more legible than Cynthia's thought-processes.

All three, under cover of the darkness, should then steal down the avenue of the coach-drive and make their exit by the shrubbery gate, the key of which Virginie already had in keeping. The appointed evening came, the 22nd of December.

The last few days had been delightful with their experiences of lounging, driving, and boating, but the coach-drive along the lovely roads, side by side with Mr Rayner, able to point out each fresh beauty as it appeared, and to enjoy a virtual tete-a-tete for the whole of the way that was best of all!

Some of them escorted ladies, but by far the greater number were in couples, or in parties of three or four. The rose of health, or, in many cases, of repletion, sat enthroned upon their cheeks; on the upper lips of many the moustaches were budding delicately. These were just getting up on the box and gripping the reins for the great coach-drive.

She'll be there before we can possibly get down. If no one meets her I wonder if she'll have pluck enough to get into the coach and come on to Donohoe's." "I don't envy her the trip, if she does," said Miss Harriott. "The coach-drive over those roads will seem awful to an English girl." "I'll have to go down at once, anyhow," said Hugh, "and meet her on the road somewhere.