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"Brethren," he said, when he could speak, "glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good-will toward men! Jack has preached a better sermon than I can to-night. Let us pray together." It is further recorded that the first and only quarrel in the Brownville church ended on Christmas Eve and was never heard of again, and that it was all the work of Jack's sermon.

I taught a little country school near Brownville, which, as every one knows who has had the good luck to live there, is the capital of a considerable expanse of the finest scenery in California.

The town is somewhat frequented in summer by a class of persons whom it is the habit of the local journal to call "pleasure seekers," but who by a juster classification would be known as "the sick and those in adversity." Brownville itself might rightly enough be described, indeed, as a summer place of last resort. By this trail I was returning one evening later than usual.

"People are always seeing an escaped criminal in a dozen different localities at the same time." Brownville! The listener soon divined, from a sentence dropped here and there, that the place was a little fishing village a short distance down the coast.

P.S. Bennett entered the Black River Conference in 1838, and remained a member of that body until 1849, when he was transferred to the Wisconsin Conference. Among the several charges he filled in his old Conference, were Norfolk, Bangor, Brownville, Salina, Cleveland, Van Buren and Red Creek. In Wisconsin he had been stationed at Platteville, Beloit, and Waukesha.

I had gone not more than a quarter of the way when, finding an interest in the antics of a family of lizards which dwelt thereabout and seemed full of reptilian joy for their immunity from the ills incident to life at the Brownville House, I sat upon a fallen tree to observe them.

Until he was fourteen, he remained on the farm with his father, at which time he commenced clerking in a store in Brownville, Jefferson Co., N. Y., and remained four years. He then came to Cleveland and at once engaged as a clerk with Alexander Sacket, who was then carrying on business on Superior Street, precisely where Mr. Beckwith's carpet store now stands. After two years with Mr.

He crouched back now against a rail fence; their low disgruntled tones were still borne to him. For some moments they continued to work over the machine without apparently being able to set it to rights. "If this goes on much longer," said one of them, "he'll get away from Brownville." "Providin' he's there!" grumbled another.

His first stay was at Clinton, Michigan, where he carried on business successfully for three years, and married Miss Cornelia Eliza Brown, of Tecumseh, daughter to General Joseph W. Brown, and niece of Major General Jacob Brown, of Brownville, N. Y., the hero of Chippewa, Fort Erie and Sackett's Harbor. At the expiration of the three years Mr.

The Brownville House dined early, and after dinner the next day Miss Maynard, who had not been at table, came to me on the veranda, attired in the demurest of walking costumes, saying not a word. "He" was evidently "not about." We went slowly up the road that led to the Old Mill.