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But there were printing offices and binderies in the South. The children continued to go to school, and the demand for schoolbooks soon became urgent. To meet this demand, a few new schoolbooks were made and copyrighted under the laws of the Confederacy; but others were reprints of Northern books such as were in general use.

Formerly, books were beaten by a powerful hammer, to accomplish this, but it is much more quickly and effectively done in most binderies by the ordinary screw press. Every pressing of books should leave them under pressure at least eight hours.

In 1840 Harriet Martineau found only seven employments open to women in the United States, viz., teaching, needlework, keeping boarders, working in cotton mills and in book binderies, type-setting, and household service. I shall now present a series of fifty tables, by means of which the reader may see at a glance the status of women in all the States to-day.

In collating books in two or more volumes double watchfulness is needed to guard against a missing signature, which may have its place filled by the same pages belonging to another volume a mixture sometimes made in binderies, in "gathering" the sheets, and which makes it necessary to see that the signatures are right as well as the pages.

Best place in the city. And you'd like to get into a store or learn a trade?" "Yes." "What trade did you think of?" "None in particular." "How would you like to get into a book-bindery? I know two or three girls in binderies, and they can make from five to ten dollars a week. It's the nicest, cleanest work I know of." "Oh, do you?" returned Flora, with newly-awakening interest.

"It's a long time to be idle till September," I suggested to the girl across the work-table. She looked up in surprise. "Idle!" she exclaimed. "But we are never idle. We daren't. We get other jobs." "What?" "Oh, everything: waitress in a summer boarding-house, novelty goods, binderies, shirt-waists, stores, anything we can get." "She's coming," some one whispered.