"Well, when you put us in there, we was just in a minute when we allowed it wasn't a mighty safe place, and we allowed we'd get out. And we did. We skedaddled 'round and 'round until it 'peared like we was going to get cotched, and then we flung ourselves down in the cow stalls where it's low-like just dirt floor and then we just naturally went a-whooping under the barn floor when the Yanks come.

THEY swarmed up towards Sherburn's house, a-whooping and raging like Injuns, and everything had to clear the way or get run over and tromped to mush, and it was awful to see.

Whilst some o' the Injuns was a-whooping it up acrost the creek, a-chasing the folks that was making tracks for their city o' refuge, t'others run the two gals off into the big woods at the side o' the road.

We had a strong competitor for this class of business in the Valley Route, a line twenty miles away, and were making a big bid for the trade. The general manager had sent a message that a special effort was to be made to put the two trains through a-whooping, and I had ordered engines 228 and 443, two of the best on the road, to pull them.

Then for the next two hundred years the family tree shows a succession of soldiers noble, high-spirited fellows, who always went into battle singing, right behind the army, and always went out a-whooping, right ahead of it.

It has 'come up' every June since we've been living here, and there have been several of them. At the worst it never came inside the gate." "You can never tell what it might do," Park argued. "Yuh know yourself there's never been so much snow in the mountains. This hot weather we've been having lately, and then the rain, will bring it a-whooping. Can't yuh ride over to the Jonses?

The news'll send stocks up a-whooping, if it gets to New York!" I Twice Explain the Condition of the Trescott Estate. Nothing had remained unchanged in Lattimore, and our old offices in the First National Bank edifice had long since been vacated by us. The very building had been demolished, and another and many-storied structure stood in its place.

But how would you like to have one down inside of you there a-whooping every now and then in the most ridiculous manner? Maybe, for instance, Barnes'd be out taking tea with a friend, and just when everybody else was quiet it'd suddenly occur to his frog to tune-up, and the next minute you'd hear something go 'Blo-o-o-ood-a-noun!

Best use yore six-guns fer this, boys that'll leave ye one hand t' guide yore bosses with, and they're handier all around in close work. Air ye ready? Then come on foller me 'n' come a-whoopin'!" A-whooping they came, up out of the draw and in among the trees as though they had a regiment behind them.

So they'd got to work that off I never see such a girafft as the king was for wanting to swallow EVERYTHING. Well, whilst they was at it a steamboat landed, and in about two minutes up comes a crowd a-whooping and yelling and laughing and carrying on, and singing out: "HERE'S your opposition line! here's your two sets o' heirs to old Peter Wilks and you pays your money and you takes your choice!"