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Try those jokes on a brother-in-law; 'I'm an old dog, and "tus, tus" is no use with me."

Khosráu was induced to liberate Tús from his confinement, and requested Rustem to head the army against Pírán, but Tús offered his services, and the champion observed, "He is fully competent to oppose the arms of Pírán; but if Afrásiyáb takes the field, I will myself instantly follow to the war."

His warriors, Tús, and Gúdarz, and Báhrám, and Fríburz, and Ferhád, felt with equal keenness the loss of the amiable prince, and Rustem, as soon as the dreadful intelligence reached Sístán, set off with his troops to the court of the king, still full of indignation at the conduct of Káús, and oppressed with sorrow respecting the calamity which had occurred.

Tús wrathfully rejoined: "Old man! thy arrow May pierce an anvil mine can pierce the heart Of the Káf mountain! If thy mace can break A rock asunder mine can strike the sun!"

The tyrant of Túrán; to please the spirit Of my poor butchered father." Káús, on delivering over to him the imperial army, made him acquainted with the character and merits of every individual of importance. He appointed Fríburz, and a hundred warriors, who were the prince's friends and relatives, to situations of trust and command, and Tús was among them.

Rehám bound on the mace, Tús promptly ran, And buckled on the broad Burgustuwán. Rustem, meanwhile, the thickening tumult hears And in his heart, untouched by human fears, Says: "What is this, that feeling seems to stun! This battle must be led by Ahirmun, The awful day of doom must have begun."

'I dud an' I dudna, says he. An' wuth thot he tells them the whole upshot, an' Albert puts on hus shoe, an' they go wuth the munuster an' are married proper an' lawful, an' oz Albert Mahan says afterward mony's the time, ''Tus no every mon thot hoz two weddun' nights on Island McGill." Six months later Eddie Troy came home and was promptly remarried.

"And shoes to hide her shameless tus," I said. "They are the most beautiful toes I have ever seen!" cried Antoinette in imbecile admiration. She has bewitched that old woman already. I put on my hat and went to Wellington Road to consult Mrs. McMurray.

Rustem delivered him over to Tús to be put to death precisely in the same manner as Saiáwush; but the captive represented himself as the particular friend of Saiáwush, and begged to be pardoned on that account.

But most recent editors place a colon after comes, thus making it predicate, and referring it to the host becoming the guide and companion of his guest to another place of entertainment. Non invitati, i.e. etiam si non invitati essent. Guen. Nec interest, i.e. whether invited or not. Jus hospitis. The right of the guest to a hospitable reception, So Cic. Tus. Quaes., 1, 26: jus hominum.