"A' acknowledge a' scrapit, but a' houp tae gudeness a'll never be tempted like yon again. Then I understood that Mrs. Macfadyen had been humbled in the dust. Drumtochty was accustomed to break every law of health, except wholesome food and fresh air, and yet had reduced the Psalmist's farthest limit to an average life-rate.

But foul as the capital then was, and covered with the leprosy of idolatry, they were not long in possession till they so medicated her with the searching medicaments of the Reformation, that she was soon scrapit of all the scurf and kell of her abominations.

"I'st true Elspeth scuffled wi' her feet at the laist head and gar'd him close?" "A'll neither deny nor affirm, Drumsheugh; but there's nae doot when the mune began tae shine aboot nine, and Mactavish started aff on the Devil, somebody scrapit aside me. It wesna Jeems; he daurna for his life; and it wesna me. A'll no say but it micht be Elspeth, but she wes sair provokit.

I tell ye, man, a'm honourin' ye and givin' ye the fairest chance ye'll ever hae o' winning wealth. Gin ye store the money ye hae scrapit by mony a hard bargain, some heir ye never saw 'ill gar it flee in chambering and wantonness. Gin ye hed the heart to spend it on a lad o' pairts like Geordie Hoo, ye wud hae twa rewards nae man could tak fra ye.

There were crusts an' bones behind the pictures standin' against the wa' that the rats an' mice had been gnawin' there, an' there were bottles on a shelf, old an' empty an' covered wi' cobwebs an' dust, an' the floor was so thick wi' dirt it had to be scrapit, an' what wi' old papers an' rags I had a great basket full taken awa let be a bundle o' shirts that needed mendin'. I took the shirts to the hotel, an' there I mended them until they were guid enough to wear, an' sent them back.

Ye've sat on the Bench and laid down the law, and when ye wagged yir head everybody kept quiet, and when ye've scrapit yir throat they thought it was Gospel; but, MacConachie, dinna forget it, ye're just a man. Ye needna hurry," and Mr. McGuffie, standing in the gateway of the stable-yard, pursued the Bailie along the street with exhortations.