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"How the Soldier went out of this Purgatory, made a Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and how he spent the rest of his days. "Then Owen, the Soldier, having received their Blessing, set out, and return'd the same way he came.

Gito mockt his humour, and for every crack he gave, return'd the like, that one ill-scent might stifle another.

I was therefore not present when the subject was discuss' d, which came from our yearly meeting but I was inform'd by my companion, that it was a very solemn opportunity, and the matter was resulted in advising that the money should be return'd into the office from whence it was receiv'd, accompanied with our reasons for so doing: and this was accordingly done by the direction of our yearly meeting the next year.

I now sent a Petty Officer on shore to know if they would return our Salute, but before he return'd we Saluted, which was immediately return'd with the same number of Guns; after this I waited myself upon the Governour, who was pleased to tell me that I should have everything I wanted that the place afforded.

When pleas'd with the humour of her talk, "I beseech you, child," said I, "are you the she that's so in love with my person?" Upon which the maid fell into a fit of laughing. "I wou'd not," return'd she, "have you so extreamly flatter your self. I never yet truckl'd to a waiter, nor will Venus allow I shou'd imbrace a gibbet.

Wee were surpris'd with a suddain storm of wind neere the flats, & there was such a great mist that wee knew not where wee were. Being return'd unto our Habitation, I found our Men had brought the shipp to anker neere our House, & seeing the weather beginning to come favorable, I gave my Nephew Instructions to carry on the Trade in my absence untill our Return.

We went down through Main street and found, some distance along, several squares of ground very prettily planted with trees and looking attractive enough. Return'd to the boat by way of the lighthouse on the hill. This morning we are making for Buffalo, being, I imagine, a little more than half across Lake Erie. The water is rougher than on Michigan or Huron.

All this Forenoon had abundance of the Natives about the Ship and some few on board. We Trafficked with them for a few Trifles, in which they dealt very fair and friendly. Friday, 1st December. Winds at North-North-West a Gentle breeze. At 3 p.m., the Boats having return'd from sounding, I went with them over to the South side of the Harbour, and landed upon the Main, accompanied by Mr.

There is probably more human electricity, more population to make it, more business, more light-heartedness, than ever before. The armies that swiftly circumambiated from Fredericksburgh march'd, struggled, fought, had out their mighty clinch and hurl at Gettysburg wheel'd, circumambiated again, return'd to their ways, touching us not, either at their going or coming.

As I was just going out of Town, hearing that an Ingenious Gentleman of my Acquaintance, lately return'd from Italy, had a Diamond, that being rubb'd, would shine in the Dark, and that he was not far off, I snatch'd time from my Occasions to make him a Visit, but finding him ready to go abroad, and having in vain try'd to make the Stone yield any Light in the Day time, I borrow'd it of him for that Night, upon condition to restore it him within a Day or two at furthest, at Gresham College, where we appointed to attend the meeting of the Society, that was then to be at that place.