"'Which I'm shorely saddest when I shoots, says Enright to me, as he reloads his gun one time. "These yere humane sentiments, however, don't deter him from shootin' soon an' aimin' low, which latter habits makes Wolfville's honoured chief a highly desp'rate game to get ag'inst.

"Wouldn't, if I'd got a stick. Listen; he's using an Army Webley, I think. Six shots. He's fired three. If I can draw the second three before he fills up, it gives us a start while he reloads." On his knees, he peered through the bush. "Still at the door," he said. "Breathe deep. On the third shot we go for the embankment. I'll get you up it. Then over the road.

"I think that shot was fired by a sharpshooter who has crept forward ahead of the others," whispered the hunter. "He's lying behind that low bush to the west." "I'm of your mind about it," said Black Rifle. "As soon as he reloads he'll chance another shot at where he thinks we're lying, and that will be his last." Robert heard the low words, and he shivered again a little.

He soon grows tired of a spot where there is no longer any room for improvement sells his farm, air castle, petticoat windows and all, reloads his cart, shoulders his axe, puts himself at the head of his family, and wanders away in search of new lands again to fell trees again to clear corn-fields again to build a shingle palace, and again to sell off and wander.

"What do you say to our opening fire on 'em now?" "Not yet," whispered Drake. "Let's see first if there isn't another way down. If once they discover our presence here, they will get us for certain; for we have only six shots left between us. I couldn't bring any spare cartridge for reloads." "Phew!" whistled Frobisher under his breath. "That's bad. We are in a tight place indeed, then.

And Tom picks up his tackle, while the prudent gendarme reloads; and Tom marches down the hill, the gendarme following, with his bayonet disagreeably near the small of Tom's back. "Don't stumble! Look out for the stones, or you'll have that skewer through me!" "So! Der Herr speaks German like a native," says the gendarme, civilly.