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Petroleum-spring gushing from a shoal to the north of the Caracas Islands. The smell of this spring warns ships of the danger of this shoal, on which there is only one fathom of water. Thermal springs of the mountain of the Brigantine, near Nueva Barcelona. Thermal springs of Provisor, near San Diego, in the province of New Barcelona.

He made them elect another secretary for that same cabildo's corporation, and afterward inflicted punishment on him who was secretary while they governed; this was a poor cleric, whom he declared excommunicated and suspended, and seized his little property, for having acted officially in the proceedings brought against Don Juan Gonzalez by the dean as provisor.

By another edict, dated January 8, all the legal causes and suits which had been tried before the cabildo and its provisor were declared null and void. The said measures produced innumerable perplexities.

Then they put in his place, and made dean, the provisor Juan Gonzalez a person of the qualifications that we all know. Soon they attacked in the rear the good old archdeacon, Doctor Francisco Deza, and brought against him a very infamous complaint, entirely unworthy of his exemplary life and gray hairs, in order to deprive him of his prebend.

On the same day, various persons are arrested as officials or near friends of the archbishop. The provisor takes refuge in the Dominican convent, which is at once surrounded by soldiers, an auditor threatening to demolish it with artillery; at this, the provisor surrenders himself to the assailants, but "with certain precautions and securities," and is kept under guard in his own house.

This measure was ineffectual, on account of the reply and representations made by the archbishop; the provisor therefore proceeded in his suit.

It was blessed by the provisor with much solemnity, and the doors were opened with a peal of bells and the universal joy. Seeing this obstacle removed, on account of which that order were not entering that church, the Catholic visitor spoke in reconciliation of the two orders.

On the same day, the ninth of December, an edict of the archbishop was posted in which were annulled the sacraments of penance administered by the said prebends, and the licenses which they had given for hearing confessions, preaching, etc.; item, the marriages solemnized without the permission of his provisor, Juan Gonzalez and they rained down censures, excommunications, and threats by the thousand, according to the fury of Father Verart, who directed all these.

Of the rosary entirely made of silver coins, one hundred and fifty thousand in number, which, it is said, the blessed Dominican fathers gave to the governor. Of the imprisonment of Roberto; and why and how the provisor went, with great clatter of weapons and constables, to arrest a brother of the Society.

He informed them that he could not absolve them unless they would swear obedience to the archbishop, which they must also render to his provisor, Juan Gonzalez, on their knees, asking his pardon for the injuries that they had done him, and making amends for the losses that he had suffered.