He went early to bed and spent a long time looking out at the night and remembering the trip: the gardens and the Japanese restaurant in Portland, Michiko standing by her moss-rock, Diamond Head, The Devil's Churn, his father's face there had been much to see and few words. What was there to say about these things?

"What is this?" one man said. "Who you?" "Superman," Oliver said. "You shrunk." There was a cracking noise from one of the planks. "Watch it!" The other man got both hands under one edge of the boulder, bent his knees, and heaved. The boulder rocked and began to slide down the planks. They bowed farther but held as the three of them guided the boulder to the street. "One good moss-rock, Mrs.

"Good," he said. He waved and started out the gate. "You want a ride down the hill?" Jimmy asked. "No need," Oliver said. "He fly," Kapono said. When Oliver got back to Waikiki, he had lunch at the banyan bar and thought about what had happened. Mrs. Nakano was nice. The moss-rock delivery duo had been most respectful. The house was in an upscale neighborhood.

"Hard to find a good moss-rock these days," Mrs. Nakano said. "How about a soda?" "Too early for anything else," one said. "Sure." "Thank you so much for helping," she said to Oliver. "Are you thirsty?" "Yes. I was looking for you. I think. Actually, I'm looking for Muni Nakano who has a brother Ken?" "Oh," she said. "Muni is my brother-in-law." "My name is Oliver, Oliver Prescott."

"Michiko told me you helped with the moss-rock." "Not much. Those guys were pretty big . . ." "They my football coaches, phys-ed teachers," Ken said. "Aha." "Do you have business with my brother?" "Not business, exactly. My mother knew him a long time ago. Did he ever mention Dior Del'Unzio?" "Mmmm . . ." Silence. "That was a long time ago." "My middle name is Muni.