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A. 36: donec cohortatus est; a repeated, or continued past action by the imp. subj. cf. note, A. 19: donec fieret; and a present action, which is in the nature of the case also a continued action, by the pres. subj. cf. note, 1: separet. Triumphati. Poetice, cf. Virg. Aen. 6, 837: Triumphata Corintho; Hor. Od. 3, 3, 43: Triumphati Medi.

"Try this, out of Nature's shop," laughed their entertainer; and he offered them, himself, some peaches and things. "Hech! a medi cine!" said Christie. "Nature, my lad," said Miss Carnie, making her ivory teeth meet in their first nectarine, "I didna ken whaur ye stoep, but ye beat the other confectioners, that div ye."

His eyes were more medi- tative, and his expression was more sad. He had passed through an ordeal of wretchedness which had given him more than it had taken away.

"It's funny how he loved those darned little beasts, isn't it now? I remember of him telling me as how they transported him into magic something or the other medi he had a word for it I dunno " "Mediaeval?" "That's it, sonny. Mediaeval forests. It means back of old times, don't it? The old man took out pouch and pipe. "That's what drew us together, sonny, our taste for literature. Remember?"

Have you found those six brave medicals, John Eglinton asked with elder's gall, to write Paradise Lost at your dictation? The Sorrows of Satan he calls it. Smile. Smile Cranly's smile. First he tickled her Then he patted her Then he passed the female catheter. For he was a medical Jolly old medi... I feel you would need one more for Hamlet. Seven is dear to the mystic mind.

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