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"Then, sir, there remain the ceremonies of my leave taking " he stepped closer, level-eyed "and my very bitter hatred." There was a pause. Colonel Arran waited a moment, then struck the bell: "Larraway, Mr. Berkley has decided to go." "Yes, sir." "You will accompany Mr. Berkley to the door." "Yes, sir." "And hand to Mr. Berkley the outer key of this house." "Yes, sir." "And in case Mr.

The Colonel shook his head. "Nothing more. Take that box to my study." Later, seated at his study table before the open box, he heard Larraway knock; and he quietly laid away the miniature of Berkley's mother which had been lying in his steady palm for hours. "Well?" "Pardon. Mr. Berkley's key, with Mr. Berkley's compliments, sir." And he laid it upon the table by the box. "Thank you.

Berkley's undying compliments," he said, and went blindly out into the April night, but his senses were swimming as though he were drunk. Behind him the door of the house of Arran clanged. Larraway stood stealthily peering through the side-lights; then tiptoed toward the hallway and entered the dining-room with velvet tread. "Port or brandy, sir?" he whispered at Colonel Arran's elbow.

"Will you retire peaceably, sir?" "No, but you will retire permanently if you touch me. Be very careful." Colonel Arran leaned forward, hands still gripping the table's edge: "Larraway!" "Sir?" "You may go." The small gray eyes in the pock-pitted face stole toward young Berkley, then were cautiously lowered. "Very well, sir," he said. "Close the drawing-room doors. No this way.

"You do not know what you are saying, Berkley" Colonel Arran choked; turned gray; then a spasm twitched his features and he grasped the arms of his chair, staring at Berkley with burning eyes. Neither spoke again until Larraway entered, carrying an inlaid box. "Thank you, Larraway. You need not wait." "Thank you, sir."

Go out through the pantry. And take Pim with you." "Very well, sir." "And, Larraway!" "Sir?" "When I want you I'll ring. Until then I don't want anybody or anything. Is that understood?" "Yes, sir." "That is all." "Thank you, sir." The great mahogany folding doors slid smoothly together, closing out the brilliant drawing-room; the door of the butler's pantry clicked.