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He was one of those by whom the drama was gradually evolved, and all to whom it is a study and delight must remember him with regard. His play of ‘Kynge John’ is described by Mr. Collier as occupying an intermediate place between moralities and historical playsand it is the only known existing specimen of that species of composition of so early a date.

Few of the places described by him have ever been identified with anything like precision. Of the newe landes and of ye people founde by the messengers of the kynge of Portyugale named Emanuel. of the R. Dyners Nacyons crystened. Of Pope John and his landes and of the costely keyes and wonders molo dyes that in that lande is. So haue we had our vyage.

He is here a gloomy egotist, and cut off from all human intercourse without being the less a slave. He does not know him whose house he protects, and devours his corpse without repugnance." It is given in the language of Froissart. "A grayhounde called Mithe, who always wayted upon the kynge, and would knowe no man els.

"'Smyte on boldly, sayd Robyn, 'I give thee large leve. Anon our kynge, with that word, He folde up his sleve. "And such a buffet he gave Robyn, To grounde he yode full nere. 'I make myn avowe, sayd Robyn, 'Thou art a stalwarte frere. "'There is pyth in thyn arme, sayd Robyn, 'I trowe thou canst well shoote. Thus our kynge and Hobyn Hode Together they are met."

"The Kynge of Spayn is a foul paynim, And lieveth on Mahound; And pity it were that lady fayre Should marry a heathen hound." Kyng Estmere. About six weeks after the duel, the miller at Stow had come up to the great house in much tribulation, to borrow the bloodhounds. Rose Salterne had vanished in the night, no man knew whither.

"Kynge Edward," they shouted, "waune thou havest Berwick, pike thee; waune thou havest geten, dike thee." But the stockade was stormed with the loss of a single knight, nearly eight thousand of the citizens were mown down in a ruthless carnage, and a handful of Flemish traders who held the town-hall stoutly against all assailants were burned alive in it.

Sir Tristram is thus welcomed at Arthur's court: Thenne Kynge Arthur took Sir Tristram by the hand, and wente to the table round.

But to declare with what solempnitie and ioifulnes thei sette vp their newe Kynge, aftre the death of tholde: because it ware to longe a thyng, bothe for the reader and writer to set out at length, I will shewe you in brief theffecte.

For when so ever the kynge did ryde, he that kept the grayhounde dyd lette him lose, and he wolde streyght runne to the kynge and faune uppon hym, and leape with his fore fete uppon the kynge's shoulders.

And the firste man that he taketh, in fight, his bloud drincketh he: and offreth vnto his Kynge the heades of all those that he ther sleaeth. For when he hath so done, he is admitted to be partaker of the butine what so euer it be, whereof he should be otherwise partles. He cutteth of the heade aftre this sorte.

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