Sickness and vomiting is a frequent symptom in the beginnings of fever-fits, the muscular fibres of the stomach share the general torpor and debility of the system; their motions become first lessened, and then stop, and then become retrograde; for the act of vomiting, like the globus hystericus and the borborigmi of hypochondriasis, is always a symptom of debility, either from want of stimulus, as in hunger; or from want of sensorial power, as after intoxication; or from sympathy with some other torpid irritative motions, as in the cold fits of ague.

She sometimes says that she "feels so unnatural all the time." The writer has known the voice of a girl to change so much during three weeks of "service" that she could not recognize it when the girl returned to her home. It alternated between the high falsetto in which a shy child "speaks a piece" and the husky gulp with which the globus hystericus is swallowed.

Thus when any acrid material, as snuff or lime, falls into the eye, pain and inflammation and heat are produced from the excess of stimulus; but violent hunger, hemicrania, or the clavus hystericus, are attended with coldness of the extremities, and defect of circulation.

And when a tooth in the lower-jaw is the cause of headach, a pain sometimes affects the tendons of the muscles of the neck, which are attached near the jaws. But the clavus hystericus, or pain about the middle of the parietal bone on one side of the head, I have seen produced by the second of the molares, or grinders, of the under-jaw; of which I shall relate the following case.

With all submission, this is precisely the illusion which is absent, and it is perfectly possible for the most sympathetic reader to peruse the balanced outpourings of "Fulbert's niece" without the slightest tendency to that globus hystericus which all persons of sensibility must desire to experience.

The same retrograde motions affect the whole intestinal canal in ileus; and the oesophagus in globus hystericus. See this further explained in Sect. XXIX. No. 11. on Retrograde Motions.

"The whole case is in fact one of simulative hysteria, in a young girl having the propensity to deceive very strongly developed. Therewith may be probably associated the power or habit of prolonged fasting. Both patient and mother admitted the occasional occurrence of the choking sensation called globus hystericus."

About seven months ago he began to make large quantities of water; his legs are oedematous, his belly tense, and he complains of a rising in his throat, like the globus hystericus: he eats twice as much as other people, drinks about fourteen pints of small beer a day, besides a pint of ale, some milk-porridge, and a bason of broth, and he makes about eighteen pints of water a day.