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He bery good strong nigger, good gardner, good at de horses, good carpenter. Sam sure to get good place, but, howeber good, when he see a chance he run away. If no chance, he sabe up his money, and you sabe up your money, Sally, and buy him freedom. "Well, sar, we bofe cry bery much, and den Sally go away wid de young missy. A week after dat de bust up come.

And in a somewhat shrill, yet penetrating, musical voice, the girl sang: "I'se a-journeyin', I'se a-journeyin', An' de way am bery long; De road ain't known, de way ain't shown, Yit I journeys wid a song. "De journey, de journey, howeber rough de road, It's a-leadin', it's a-leadin', to a hebinly abode.

Howeber, dey give me someting to eat, and den take me down into hold of ship and tell me to go to sleep on some sacks of sugar, and throw some empty sacks ober me to cover me. Den dey close up hatch and leab me alone. "When I come on deck de land was gone and de vessel sailing along. I speak to no one, for I only understand little Spanish, and dese people not speak dat.

"I'se wonder wedder Mrs Bear not remain behind! and piccaninny bears too, perhaps! We look as we go by. Howeber, we now make ready dis gen'leman to carry home." He and Mike then fastened the bear's feet together, and hung the animal to a long pole, which they cut from a sapling growing near.

"We, must wait, howeber, to get 'way till we can manage dese rascal Spaniards," said Pompey. "Dey keep de eye too wide open to let us go just now." Days and weeks and months went by, and nothing occurred to vary the monotony of their existence.

Me berry much afraid now because my wife not berry strong, she hurt by de blow and fretting after me. Howeber, we follow the way I had gone before. I make shift to help her up into trees from the streams, and dis time after tree days' travel we got back to hut in the mountain. "Dere we lib berry happy for a year.

De news'll come all in good time. An' news allers comes in a heap suddently, so to speak. It neber comes slow. Now, look yar. I wants you to make me a solum promise." "What is that?" asked Hester, smiling in spite of herself at the intensity of her dark friend's look and manner. "It am dis. Dat you will neber look surprised, nor speak surprised, no matter howeber much you may feel surprised."