It's a half-shade, and the books don't prepare one for the half-shades. Nobody can love without a flaw we all fail each other somewhere; it's like no one being quite good or quite bad: nothing is black or white, but just varying tones of grey. They make life damned difficult, the half-shades!" Giving his shoulders a little shake, he turned to Blanche. "I must go," he said gently.

When first looking over any ruins, make a list of every view wanted, with the time of day when the sun will be right for it. Then follow the time-table, and so get the best lighting all in one day. For movable stones or figures place them in half-shade, as a doorway, and then tilt every way until the best lighting is found, fix them in that position, and then set up the camera square with them.

The glance was brief, but hinted a coquetry whose natural play would have delighted well, the grenadier. She seemed very pretty, sitting there in the half-shade, with the sun catching her fair hair. I stood looking down on her; presently her eyes rose to mine. "Not of being absolutely miserable," said I. "You wouldn't make anybody miserable. You're kind. Aren't you kind?"

In the open spaces of the squares even brilliantly-clad women seemed black against white. Inside, in a half-shade under glass, a dense crowd moved and chattered and stirred to and fro. The women wore all the colours of flowers and fruit, but chiefly orange. And on the stone floor great flat baskets of oranges, each with a leaf of green attached to it, shone like pure gold.

Soon the chevalier saw, with astonishment, the summits of the trees little by little obscure themselves, and assume a fantastic appearance in the great mass of the forest. For some moments there remained a half-shade, here and there lighted by the bright reflection of the sun, which seemed as red as the fire of a furnace, for he was "making his couch in the wind," as they say in the Antilles.

My thoughts went floating on vast and mystic currents as I sat to-day in solitude and half-shade by the creek returning mainly to two principal centres. Or what is humanity in its faith, love, heroism, poetry, even morals, but emotion? The misty nebulae are moving, and besides are whirling around in great spirals, some one way, some another.