Three days later the Grito de Dolores broke out and he saw that his dream of peace was at an end, and that he would need all the funds he could raise to suppress revolution in his new government. The viceroy, an experienced soldier, at once ordered the troops in garrison at Mexico to Querétaro, strengthening them by rural detachments, and summoning garrisons from the north, west, and east.

Admitted. For some time El Grito has pretended to represent the Filipino people ergo, as Fray Ibañez would say, if he knew Latin. But Fray Ibañez turns Mussulman when he writes, and we know how the Mussulmans dealt with education. In witness whereof, as a royal preacher said, the Alexandrian library! Now he was right, he, Ben-Zayb!

For all, freedom at intervals triumphed, and the priests became the "outs;" but ever potent, and always active, they would soon get up a new "grito" to bring about a revolutionary change in the Government. Sanguinary scenes would be enacted hangings, shooting, garrottings all the horrors of civil war that accompany the bitterest of all spite, the ecclesiastical.

Words spoken by the Lord Custodio through the mouth of Ben-Zayb, in the journal El Grito de la Integridad, the second article, absurdity the one hundred and fifty-seventh. "Beloved brethren in Christ: Evil blows its foul breath over the verdant shores of Frailandia, commonly called the Philippine Archipelago.

About two months after his coming under my command, the late grito was proclaimed all over Mexico. One morning as I went down to the military quarters I found confusion and disturbance. The soldiers were under arms, many of them drunk, and vociferating `Viva Santa Anna! Viva el Coronel Uraga! Hearing this, I at once comprehended all. It was a pronunciamento.

With prophetic inspiration Ben-Zayb had been for some days past maintaining in his newspaper that education was disastrous, very disastrous for the Philippine Islands, and now in view of the events of that Friday of pasquinades, the writer crowed and chanted his triumph, leaving belittled and overwhelmed his adversary Horatius, who in the Pirotecnia had dared to ridicule him in the following manner: From our contemporary, El Grito: "Education is disastrous, very disastrous, for the Philippine Islands."

Well, this will enable you to get up a pronunciamento, and before the news of your grito can reach the city of Mexico, and the Executive power there can send a force against you ay, before the government troops could get half-way to Sonora, more than two-thirds of them would desert.

"But she hasn't any voice." "What do I care about the voice?" "Well, for shape, the tall one." "Pshaw," said Ben-Zayb, "not a one is worth a straw, not a one is an artist!" Ben-Zayb was the critic for El Grito de la Integridad, and his disdainful air gave him great importance in the eyes of those who were satisfied with so little.

Such was the movement known in Mexico as the "Grito de Dolores," their war-cry, the Grito, being, "Up with True Religion, and down with False Government." Never before had an insurrection among the submissive common people been known in Mexico. When news of it came to the authorities they were stupefied with amazement.