When he visited their houses in the country-towns, and turned out their chests and book-shelves, he found such wealth as might have lain in kings' treasuries; 'in those cupboards and baskets are not merely the crumbs that fall from the table, but the shew-bread which is angel's food, and corn from Egypt and the choicest gilts of Sheba. He gives the highest praise to the Preachers or Friars of the Dominican Order, as being most open and ungrudging, 'and overflowing with a with a kind of divine liberality. But both Preachers and Minorites, or Grey Friars, had been his pupils, his friends and guests in his family, and they had always applied themselves with unwearied zeal to the task of editing, indexing, and cataloguing the volumes in the library.

He was in one of the quarantine hog-corrals, his sleeves rolled up, a puzzled look of worry puckering his boyish face. "What's up, Doc?" asked Judith. "Don't know, Judy. That's what gets my mad up. Just performed an autopsy on one of your Poland-China gilts." "Found it dead?" asked Judith. "Killed it," grunted Tripp. "Sick. Half dozen more are off their feed and don't look right.

By 480 bushels of potatoes at 30 cents per bushel 144.00 By five old sows, not fat 35.00 One cow 15.00 Three cows 70.00 Two cows 35.00 Three cows, two heifers, nine calves 187.00 Forty-three shoats and gilts, average 162 lb., at 2 cents per lb 139.00 Total $953.00 The young hogs had eaten most of my small potatoes and some of my corn before we parted with them in late November.

Imagine turning from that sublime sweep of greys and sombre gilts, that perfect arrangement of blank masses and sweeping lines, to the mottled pink of a cheek lately virgin, the puny curve of a modish eyebrow, the hideous madness of a trousseau hat!... I am no stranger to these moods and whims.

There below us, a crinkling tapestry of gilts, silvers and coppery pinks, is ancient Father Thames, the emperor and archbishop of all earthly streams. At this lovely turning, where the river flouts the geography books by flowing almost due northward for a mile, bloody battles must have been fought in those old, forgotten, far-off times and battles, I venture, not always ending with Roman cheers.

And all the afternoon, looking over prize Merinos and Berkshire gilts, continually that vision burned up under his eyelids. Even at four, in the tennis court, himself playing against Ernestine, he missed more than one stroke because the image of the flying ball would suddenly be eclipsed by the image of a white marble figure of a woman that strove and clung on the back of a great horse.