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VOLT SE ESSE CARUM: 'he wishes to make out that he is beloved'; volt esse carus would have had quite a different sense. Cf. Fin. 5, 13 Strato physicum se volt, with Madvig's n. HAUD SCIO AN: see n. on 56. FAXIT: the subject is quisquam understood from nemo. For the form see A. 142, 128, e, 3; G. 191, 5; H. 240, 4.

Xenophon mentions the tale of "Bacchus and Ariadne," Pantomimically played, and Martial tells us he saw the whole story of "Pasiphae," minutely represented on the stage of the Mimis, and Plautus, in his epilogue to "Casina," has "Nunc vos aequim est, manibus meritis, Meritam mercedem dare. Qui faxit, clam uxorem, ducat scortum Semper quod volet.

The law of the Decemviri was this: Siquis occentassit malum carmen, sive condidissit, quod infamiam faxit, flagitiumve alteri, capital esto. A strange likeness, and barely possible; but the critics being all of the same opinion, it becomes me to be silent and to submit to better judgments than my own.

Sed haud scio an melius Ennius: nemo me lacrumis decoret, neque funera fletu faxit 74 Non censet lugendam esse mortem, quam immortalitas consequatur. Iam sensus moriendi aliquis esse potest, isque ad exiguum tempus, praesertim seni: post mortem quidem sensus aut optandus aut nullus est.