In the evening, at supper, Eliza said she had been down Bloodstone Terrace, and could not see what I was making all the fuss about. "It is simply this," I said. "St. Augustine's is converted into a laundry, and the front garden used as a drying-ground in a way that, to my mind, is not decent." "Yes," said Eliza, "that's Mrs. Pedder. The poor woman has to do something for her living.

When all had arrived, they danced in a circle round the fire, chanting wild sounds that had no meaning or rhythm but were supposed to be ghostlike wails and groans. Then a game was played, under the direction of Mr. Holmes, by which it was endeavoured to learn who the different phantoms were. Their host led them to what was really the drying-ground for the family laundry.

On the side of the house opposite the barnyards stood the wash-house with its spacious drying-ground, and not far away, but quite concealed by a high hedge from the house and garden, was the tiny cottage which the owner had kindly allowed the school-master's widow to occupy for several years past.

The village is chiefly made up of farmhouses; on the mountain-sides and in the valley are the chalets and shepherds' huts, abandoned in winter. The homesteads are massed round the two churches, Catholic and Protestant, most having a narrow strip of garden and balcony carried along the upper storey, which does duty as a drying-ground.

Indeed, as the cottage had been newly erected, there was not even a garden, and it stood amidst a bare acre with a large drying-ground at the back. But the cottage, on the outskirts of the new suburb, was, to all intents and purposes, in the country, and Sylvia's weary eyes were so gladdened by green fields and glorious trees that she forgot the nakedness of her immediate surroundings.

Fenced in with hay-rick, and wheat-rick, and bean-stack, and backed by the long garden, the spacious drying-ground, the fine orchard, and that large field quartered into four different crops. How comfortable this cottage looks, and how well the owners earn their comforts!

It was a disgrace to the district, and amounted to a public scandal. St. Augustine's which is the third house in the terrace had taken in washing, and not only had taken in washing, but were using their front garden as a drying-ground! An offensive thing of that kind makes my blood boil. "Eliza," I said, as I brushed my hat preparatory to leaving for the city, "I intend to write to Mr.

The aviary had been converted into a drying-ground for their lingerie; they had suspended ropes from side to side, and thereon hung their week's wash amid all its "unavoidable destruction." Needless to say, the next day the Germans had the key. After they had taken all the best Chateau-Lafitte and all the rare wines Mr.

"What's aboot a bit chuckle an' a heftin' o' cake? Haivers!" But very quickly Ralph prevailed upon him, and Jock took the guinea. At his usual swift wolf's lope he was out of sight over the long stretches of heather and turf so speedily that he arrived at the drying-ground on the hillside before Luckie MacMorrine, handicapped by her twenty stone avoirdupois, had perspired thither.

Indeed, since he could no longer be shut up in the drying-ground, Thomasina had found that he was never so happy and so safe as when he was listening to tales, and many a long winter evening he lay idle on the kitchen hearth, with his head on the sheep dog, whilst the more industrious Thomasina plied her knitting-needles, as she sat in the inglenook, with the flickering firelight playing among the plaits of her large cap, and told tales of the country side.