Immediately after these subtle wounds the prey is paralysed throughout its body; its members appear to be disarticulated, "as though all the springs were broken"; the true corpse is not more motionless.

And once she took his arm, and once, I think, she led him by the hand adown the glade that the glow-worms lit. Just how things chanced and happened there is no telling from Mr. Skelmersdale's disarticulated skeleton of description.

Perhaps the most interesting thing I saw in connection with the air work was the hospital for damaged machines and the dump to which those hopelessly injured are taken, in order that they may be disarticulated and all that is sound in them used for reconstruction.

With the patella disarticulated in this manner, the action of the quapriceps femoral group of muscles has no effect on the stifle joint and, therefore, flexion of this articulation occurs as soon as the subject attempts to sustain weight and the leg collapses unless weight is at once taken up by the other member if sound. As a rule, the reduction of this form of luxation is not difficult.

"Science" is knowledge, it is true, but knowledge disarticulated and parcelled out among certain specialists, like Truth in Milton's glorious comparison. He who can restore each part to its true position, and orient the lesser whole in its relations to the universe, he it is to whom science belongs. He must range through all time and follow Nature to her farthest bounds.

However, such a hint, or warning, was conveyed to Jane this morning, for two "express wagons" were standing at the curb with their backs impolitely toward the brick house; and powerful-voiced men went surging to and fro under fat arm-chairs, mahogany tables, disarticulated bedsteads, and baskets of china and glassware; while a harassed lady appeared in the outer doorway, from time to time, with gestures of lamentation and entreaty.

From this date until the 30th the man's condition improved somewhat. The progress of the gangrene was stopped, and the injured finger was disarticulated at the metacarpal articulation. Anesthesia was readily obtained, but the appearance of the second stage was hardly perceptible.

The whole stagnation seemed to wake up as I did so, the disarticulated vibration of the band rushed together into a blast of music, the promenaders put their feet down and walked their ways, the papers and flags began flapping, smiles passed into words, the winker finished his wink and went on his way complacently, and all the seated people moved and spoke.

There wasn't a rag of cloud left in the sky when the dawn came, and all along the beach there were bits of plank scattered which was the disarticulated skeleton, so to speak, of my canoe. However, that gave me something to do, for, taking advantage of two of the trees being together, I rigged up a kind of storm-shelter with these vestiges. And that day the egg hatched.

Bouroche, brandishing the long, keen knife, cried: "Raise him!" seized the deltoid with his left hand and with a swift movement of the right cut through the flesh of the arm and severed the muscle; then, with a deft rearward cut, he disarticulated the joint at a single stroke, and presto! the arm fell on the table, taken off in three motions.