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If in my flower of youth and strength, when all men Loved, honour'd, fear'd me, thou alone couldst hate me, Thy husband, slight me, sell me, and forego me; How wouldst thou use me now, blind, and thereby Deceivable, in most things as a child, Helpless, thence easily contemn'd, and scorn'd, And last neglected? How wouldst thou insult, When I must live uxorious to thy will In perfect thraldom!

Fear on Achilleus fell, and he turn'd to her, instantly knowing Pallas Athena, for awful the eyes of the goddess apparent And he address'd her, and these were the air-wing'd words that he utter'd. "Why hast thou come, O child of the Ægis-bearing Kronion? Is it to see me contemn'd by the insolent pride of Atreides?

It seems therefore one of the worst Marks that can be of the Vice and Folly of any Age when Mariage is commonly contemn'd therein; since nothing can make it to be so but Mens Averseness to, or incapacity for those things which most distinguish them from Brutes, Vertue and Friendship. But it were well if Mariage was not become a State almost as much fear'd by the Wise, as despis'd by Fools.

Then if ye do the royal law fulfil, To love thy neighbour as thyself, 'tis well, According to the scripture; but if ye Shall have respect to persons, ye shall be Guilty of sin, and by the law condemn'd, As such who have its righteousness contemn'd. For he that shall but in one point offend, Breaks the whole law, whate'er he may pretend.

I kill a Man that has undone my Fame, Ravish'd my Mistress, and contemn'd my Name, And, Sister, one who does not thee prefer: But thou no reason hast to injure her. Such charms of Innocence her Eyes do dress, As would confound the cruel'st Murderess: And thou art soft, and canst no Horror see, Such Actions, Sister, you must leave to me. Gal.

They also, how much soever they, perhaps, secretly contemn'd such things, did yet generally pay a great outward regard to matters of Religion; which have ever abounded in the best Govern'd, and most Flourishing Kingdoms, and Common-wealths.

In burden'd vessels now they travelled o're The furrow'd deep to seas unknown before: And any hidden part of land or sea, That gold afforded, was an enemy. Thus fate the seeds of civil fury rais'd, When great in wealth no common pleasure pleas'd. Delights more out of fashion by the town: Th' souldiers scarlet now from Spain must come; The purple of the sea contemn'd is grown.