The thinking of the best spirits in Bellevue has been exemplified in the utterance upon labor that Adelle had taken from Major Pound and Nelson Carhart who are doubtless still enunciating the same trite remarks at the dinner-table and in their clubs with a profound conviction of thinking seriously upon important topics.

"You won't live a week after this," said the Morton man, whose name was Carhart, addressing Johnny. "I'll just have a look at your head, my friend," said Dr. Rankin. The man bent his head, and the doctor began to remove the bloody bandages. "Question is," said Johnny, "what do we do with them?" Danny was thinking hard.

In keeping with the provision of the Discipline, adopted at the recent session of the General Conference, for the Trial of Appeals, the Conference elected her quota as follows: W.G. Miller, O.J. Cowles, Joseph Anderson, J.W. Carhart, P.B. Pease, P.S. Bennett, and W.P. Stowe. But as there were no cases to be tried, the brethren elected were compelled to wear empty honors.

After the retirement of Professor Williams in 1877, Charles K. Wead, Vermont, '71, became Acting Professor of Physics, to be succeeded in 1885 by Henry Smith Carhart, Wesleyan, '69, who held the chair of Physics and the Directorship of the Physical Laboratory until his retirement in 1905. His successor was John Oren Reed, '85, who became also Dean of the Literary Department in 1907.

And the quicker you and your kind learn that the easier it will be for all of us." This was what Major Pound meant by "anarchy among the working-classes." She had often heard him and Nelson Carhart deplore this, using interchangeably the two dread terms, "socialism" and "anarchy."

"Now all of you come down to luncheon. The weather is getting better every minute. The glass is rising and we are going to have a fine night." Carhart, who had watched the whole performance with an ill-concealed sneer on his face, muttered to the man next him: "What did I tell you? He's a pretty kind of a Captain, ain't he? He's mashed on the widow just as I told you. Smoking-room yarn, is it?

Her father's name is Sylvester Johns Latham, and he is a Wall Street broker and promoter, with a deal of money, and ability for pulling the wires, but not much liked socially, I should judge, that is, outside of a certain commercial group. "Mrs. Latham was, at the time of her marriage, a pretty southern girl, Vivian Carhart, with only a face for a fortune.

The boy stood by the First Officer; he had clapped his hands and laughed when he saw the first boat swung clear of the davits. Carhart was the color of ashes and could hardly articulate. He had edged up close to the gangway where the boats were to be filled.

After a few such experiences the cannibals may see the error of their ways and become Christians, and eat dog sausage and Limberg cheese. Those who read the account of the trial of Rev. Carhart, at Oshkosh, are about as sick of true goodness as men can be.

Samuel shook hands with Hamil, arranged to return in two weeks, and left for San Felipe, New Mexico. It occurred to him, of course, that Carhart was trying him out. Hamil's report on his handling of this might be a factor in something big for him, but even without that he would have done his best to put the thing through.