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A dose or two of physic should he given, with an application of a calamine powder, and the administration of the iodide of potassium. Mr. Blaine gives a most valuable account of mange in the dog, part of which I shall quote somewhat at length. Mange exerts a morbid constitutional action on the skin; it is infectious from various miasmata, and it is contagious from personal communication.

After the opening, a poultice should be applied to cleanse the ulcer; after which it should be daily washed with the compound tincture of benjamin, and dressed with calamine ointment. Some balls should be given, and the animal liberally fed.

In his time, the native carbonate and the silicate of zinc were confounded as one species under the name calamine; but his researches distinguished between the two minerals, which are now known as Smithsonite and Calamine, respectively. "To theory Smithson contributed little, if anything; but from a theoretical point of view, the tone of his writings is singularly modern.

Yet the feathers were painted in flat color, without especial sheen or iridescence, and when I finally analyzed it, I found it to be a delicate calamine blue. It actually had the appearance of a too strong color, as when a glistening surface reflects the sun.

In the female, the cauliflower-like masses are dissected from the labia; in the male, the prepuce is removed and the warts on the glans are snipped off with scissors. In milder cases, the warts usually disappear if the parts are kept absolutely dry and clean. A useful dusting-powder is one consisting of calamine and 5

A little calamine ointment, to which was added one-eighth part of mercurial ointment, was then tried, and considerable benefit immediately experienced. The dog no longer continued to scratch himself or to shake his head, and the ear became clean and cool. The seton was removed, and nothing remained but a little occasional redness, which the lotion very soon dispersed.

See ante, iii. 293, for Johnson's rebuke of Hannah More's flattery. Johnson, in his Dictionary, defines calamine or lapis calaminaris as a kind of fossile bituminous earth, which being mixed with copper changes it into brass. It is native siliceous oxide of zinc. The Imperial Dictionary. See ante, iii. 164. 'No' or 'little' is here probably omitted.

Turn him out. Take of barbadose aloes 6 drachms, powdered ginger 1-1/2 oz., oil of wormwood 20 drops, powdered natron 2 drachms, and molassas to form a ball. Take of barbadose aloes 1 oz., castile soap 9 drachms, and ginger 6 drachms. Make into a ball. Take of lard 5 parts, rosin 1 part, melt them together; when they begin to get cool add two parts of calamine powder, stirring well till cool.

Not only are those sparry and pyritous substances, which are more natural to coal strata, found forming veins traversing those strata in various directions, but also every other mineral vein may occasionally be found pervading coal mines, or traversing bituminous strata. Gold, silver, copper, lead, calamine, have all, in this manner, been found in coal.

As things were, however, Don Alonso, the foreman, would be sure to be down on him if he were two minutes after Don Jimmy among the red-earth heaps and the galvanised shanties of the calamine mine on its perch eight hundred feet sheer above the Vega Verde. Jim Cayley was a few moments late for the soup after all. "I s s say!" he began, as he bounced into the room.