This at once becomes evident if we state it mathematically; for example, a, b or c, multiplied by x give respectively the results ax, bx, cx, which differ materially from one another, though the factor x always remains the same.

Route 30 curved endlessly along the banks of the Pepacton Reservoir. Joe had the highest entrance score they'd ever recorded in that Air Force tech school. Sergeant Quimby told him, reading it, unbelieving. Joe was an athlete, a most likely to succeed guy; yet there he was every weekend in the BX with Shannon, fascinated by the aging bus boy loading his cart. And Shannon?

It was like graduating again; his mind was free to drift forward. At tech school in the Air Force, he used to spend Friday and Saturday nights in the BX with a guy named Shannon. The BX was always jammed with G.I.'s drinking cheap beer and eating French fries. One man tried to keep up with the empties and the dirty dishes. He was bald, slow moving, friendly, and particular.

"BX," he flashed. The station lights streamed on. "Qk! Qk! BX, BX!" called Alex. His right hand tired, and he changed to the left. "Surely they should be on the lookout for me, and see it," he told himself. "For when I go fishing I am always home at " One of the station lights disappeared. Breathlessly Alex repeated his call, and waited. Was it merely some one pulling down a blind, or

One evening shortly after the beginning of the summer holidays Alex was chatting over the wire with Jack, who was now a full-fledged operator at Hammerton, when the despatching office abruptly broke in and called Bixton. "I, I, BX," answered Alex. "Is young Ward there?" clicked the instruments. "This is 'young Ward."

Don't do any tinkering with the instruments while you are there. We don't want a repetition of the mix-up you got the wire into at BX through your joking a month or so ago." The joke referred to was a hoax Alex had played on his father the previous First of April.

Therewith he began slowly calling, that Jones might read off each letter as he sent it, "WS, WS, WS, BX." "I, I," answered WS. "WS answers," interpreted Jones. Steadying himself with a deep breath, Alex proceeded to carry out his plan. Carefully reaching forth with his foot beneath the table, he pressed the two wires together, then loudly clicked his key.

Before he had ceased speaking Alex had his cap over the light and was once more flashing an urgent "BX! BX! BX!" while below the foreigners looked on, now with an anxiety equal to that of the two on the tower. "BX! Qk! Qk!" flashed the lantern. The station light disappeared. "Got 'em!" cried Alex. "Just tell them first to stop Twenty at the Junction," said the foreman.

'Thirty days, I said. The colonel smacked his gavel and read the sentence for the record. "'Yes, sir. I said. 'My car is at the BX; I'll just park it behind the barracks. Two AP's took me by the elbows and marched me to the stockade." "A near thing," Edie said. "It was a senseless war." "It sure was," Joe said. "And it was the poor boys from Kentucky who died in it."

Signal-Sergeant M'Micking tests the instrument, glances over his shoulder, and observes, "Line BX is gone, some place or other. Away you, Duncan, and sorrt it!" Mr.