Faith, I just will, that!" "Anyone else, here, feel so disposed?" the Master inquired. "If so, get it over and done with. We've got fighting ahead, and we'd better quench whatever thirst there is for wealth, first." No one made any move. Only Bohannan's mind had been unsettled by the hoard, to the extent of wanting to possess it.

Right in the sun's eye, and off to southward all along that fantastic, crimson cloud-castle." Bohannan's gaze narrowed through his own glasses. Bracing his powerful legs against the quivering jar of the aileron, he brushed the horizon into his eager vision. The glasses steadied. There, of a truth, black midges had appeared, coming up over the world's rim like a startled covey of quail.

He warmed to his subject, leaned forward, fixed eager eyes on his friend, laid a hand on Bohannan's knee. "We've all done the conventional thing, long enough. Now we're going to do the unconventional thing. We've been all through the known. Now we're going after the unknown. And Hell is liable to be no name for it, I tell you that!" The Celt's eyes were alight with swift, eager enthusiasm.

He laid his hand on the other's, and gripped it hard in hot anticipation. "Tell me more!" he commanded. "What are we going to do?" "Going to see the stuff that's in us, and in twenty-five or thirty more of our kind. The stuff, the backbone, the heart that's in you, Bohannan! That's in me! In all of us!" "Great, great! That's me!" Bohannan's cigarette smoldered, unheeded, in his fingers.

In anticipation of possible attack, Nissr was forced to her best altitude, of now forty-seven hundred feet, all gun-stations were manned and the engines were driven to their limit. The hour was anxious; but the Legion passed the river in safety, just a little south of the twentieth degree, near the Third Cataract. Bohannan's gloomy forebodings proved groundless.

If any of you men want to die right now, broach one of those wine-sacks!" His simitar balanced itself for action. The glint in his eye, by the wavering lamp-shine, meant stern business. Not a hand was extended toward the tautly distended sacks. Bohannan's whispered curse was lost in a startled cry from Wallace. "Here's something!" he exclaimed. "Look at this ring, will you?"

The white men slid and stumbled on limp bodies, trampled them unheedingly, and of the outstretched pilgrims made as it were a kind of vantage-post for the attack on the inmost citadel of Islam. "Work quick, Major!" came the Master's voice, seemingly at Bohannan's elbow. "There's a fearful drove of the rascals coming. You'd better get that stone out and away in double-quick time!"

The Master spoke half against his own wish, but a resistless impulse to make some comment, in this moment of triumph, possessed him. "Only as expected, sir," replied Alden. The Master bit his lip a second, and said no more. Bohannan's return with several champagne bottles in his arms, put an end to any possible developments the terse conversation might have had.