"Then lose no time; go." "No; Ching velly tire, velly hot; wantee bleakfast, flesh tea, nicee new blead. Too hot to lun." "But I want you to save yourself," I said excitedly. "Yes; allee save evelybody, alleegether. Ching won't go leave Mr Hellick." "Ching!" I cried. "Hush! No makee low. Lie down likee lit' pigee in sand. Pilate come along."

"You likee me buy blead and fish, and plenty good to eat?" said Ching in rather a shrinking way. "Yes," said Mr Brooke, turning upon the Celestial sharply. "Where shall we land you?" "There," said Ching, pointing to the shore about a mile up from where we lay. "But it's going back, and we shall lose sight of the junks, Ching," I said. "Plenty blead there. Ching know the way."

No cloth was spread, but the bell announced the mystery of transubstantiation, and all bowed their heads while Ah Kee Au reverently offered his communion to the welfare of Napoleon, his grandson who had accidentally shot himself. The service over, the people poured from the church into the brilliant sunshine of the road, and Ah Kee Au said to me, "You savee thlat communio' blead b'long my place.

No got gun; borrow money on him to pay doctor, and get blead. I borrow gun one day; sit all day, no get nothing; go home, nothing to eat. Next day, man use his own gun, kill plenty. I know fox in wet day find hollow tlee; no like to wet his tail. I say to-day I kill him, get good gun, get cloes, get plenty blead and tee. I know I kill that fox." "Well, Peter, we won't trouble you.

Gass I took off my cloaths and dressed my wounds myself as well as I could, introducing tents of patent lint into the ball holes, the wounds blead considerably but I was hapy to find that it had touched neither bone nor artery.

Clark to compleat the deposit and follow me by water with the party; accordingly gave orders to Drewyer, Joseph Fields, Gibson and Goodrich to hold themselves in readiness to accompany me in the morning. Sah-cah-gah, we a, our Indian woman is very sick this evening; Capt. C. blead her. the night was cloudy with some rain.

"Allee light," he said, smiling. "Get plenty blead, meat. You fillee big tub with water;" and he pointed to a large rough vessel, and another which was a great earthenware jar. "But where are we to get the water?" I said. "Out o' liver. Plenty water in liver." "We can't drink that peasoup," I said, as I looked over the side in disgust at the yellow solution of mud. "Velly good water.

"You couldn't get on board us again?" "No; too many velly bad men. Plenty blead; plenty fish; plenty meat. Velly nice. All in boat. Velly long time catchee."

Drewyer was taken last night with a violent pain in his side. Capt. Clark blead him. several of the men are complaining of being unwell. it is truly unfortunate that they should be sick at the moment of our departure. we directed Sergt.

Lewis Set out at 8 oClock we delayed to repare Some guns out of order & complete our deposit, which took us the day the evening fair and fine wind from the N. W. after night it became cold & the wind blew hard, the Indian woman verry Sick, I blead her which appeared to be of great Service to her both rivers riseing fast