He then rose up, took a stick, and gave him two or three blows, but so slightly, that he hardly felt it; after which he sat down to table again. The lady, not satisfied with the chastisement Amgrad had bestowed on him, also rose, took the stick, and struck Bahader so unmercifully, that the tears came into his eyes.

They went into the chamber, where Amgrad, instead of gratifying the lady's desire, struck at her with the weapon, and severing her head with the blow, it fell upon Bahader.

She also rose, took the stick, and fell upon Bahader so unmercifully, that the tears came into his eyes. Amgiad, offended to the last degree at the freedom she took, and that she should use one of the king's chief officers so ill, called out to her in vain to forbear. "Let me alone," said she "I will give him enough, and teach him to be absent so long another time."

When Amgiad saw the judge bringing Bahader to the pale, he went up to him, and said, "I am come to assure you, that the master of the horse, whom you are leading to execution, is wholly innocent of the lady's death; I alone am guilty of the crime, if it be one, to have killed a detestable woman, who would have murdered Bahader." He then related to him how it had happened.

Had not the noise of the blow which Amgrad gave the lady, in cutting off her head, wakened Bahader, her head falling upon him would have done it: he was amazed to see Amgrad with a sabre covered with blood, and the body of the lady lying headless on the ground.

They continued at the table with the more pleasure, as Amgiad was under no apprehensions of the consequence of the lady's indiscretion in breaking open the door. The prince was now as merry as the lady: they said a thousand pleasant things, and drank more than they ate, till Bahader arrived in his disguise.

He then told Bahader, in few words, what had happened, without disguising any part of the truth; and, to convince him that he was not capable of being so criminal as he might think, he declared himself a prince, and related the reason of his coming to the city of the magicians.

They went into Bahader's chamber, where Amgiad, instead of striking him, aimed his blow at the lady, and cut off her head, which fell upon Bahader. Bahader was awakened by the head of the lady falling upon him. He was amazed to see Amgiad standing by him with a bloody sabre, and the body of the lady lying headless on the ground.

The lady, who sat with her back towards the dooi, did not see the master of the horse; but Amgrad, who had the glass in his hand, and was just going to drink, observed him immediately: his countenance instantly changed at the sight of Bahader, who made a sign not to say a word, but to come and speak with him. Amgrad drank and rose: Where are you going? said the lady.

Bahader waited for him in the vestibule, and led him into the court to talk to him without being overheard by the lady. When Bahader and Amgiad were in the court, Bahader demanded of the prince, how the lady came into his house? and why they broke open his door?