The castle, which they set on fire, continued burning for two or three days: yet such was the solidity and goodness of the masonry, that an imposing mass still remains, sufficient to give an idea of what it must have once been. "Qualem te dicam bonam Antehac fuisse, tales cum sint reliquiæ!"

FOEDUS: this seems opposed to pacem as a formal engagement is to a mere abstention from hostilities. Cf. below, 25. QUO VOBIS: from the Annales. On the case of vobis, see Roby, 1154, A. 235, a, H. 384, 4, n. 2. ANTEHAC: always a dissyllable in verse, and probably so pronounced in prose VIAI: the old genitive. A. 36 a, G. 27, Rem. 1, H. 49, 2.

There was no edition of Ptolemy published in 1530 at Basle, or elsewhere, known to bibliographers. The map to which reference is made, and which is reproduced by Mr. His adjectos sunt plurime novae tabulae, moderna orbis faciem literis & pictura explicantes, inter quas quaedam antehac Ptolemao non fuerunt additae. Sm. fol.

Et quoniam in anno Domini 1588. id nobis tunc muneris assignatum erat a sereniss. nostra Regina domina mea, vt contra vos, vestrasque copias, Ego solus pro eo tempore Generalis essem constitutus: Idcirco non opinamur vobis ignotum esse, quam mite quoddam, et humanum bellandi genus, tum hic iam in hoc ipso tempore, aduersus huius loci populum atque incolas vsurpauerimus: tum etiam saepius antehac quam humaniter, benigneque eos omnes tractauerimus, quos ex vestris iure belli captiuos acceperimus.