On the south side of the chancel, in the easternmost bay, is a plain, dark-coloured marble coffin, without any inscription or ornament. This is ascribed to Bishop Gundulf, who died in 1107, but as it is rectangular and not of the old coffin form, Mr. Bloxam thinks that it cannot be placed earlier than the fifteenth century.

Name of Line. Kilometres Year Per cent, earned Operated. Completed. on Investment. Peking-Mukden 987 1897 22.7 Peking-Hankow 1306 1905 15.8 Shanghai-Nanking 327 1908 6.2 Tientsin-Pukow 1107 1912 6.2 Peking-Suiyuan 490 1915 5.6 Subsequent years, for which I have not the exact figures, have been less prosperous. I cannot discover any evidence of incompetence in Chinese railway administration.

Magnus then married, probably about 1107, "a high-born lady, and the purest maid of the noblest stock of Scotland's chiefs, living with her ten winters" as a maiden.

It meant that the treasury was depleted and that revenue had to be obtained by recourse to the abuses which Go-Sanjo had struggled so earnestly to check, the sale of offices and ranks, even in perpetuity, and the inclusion of great tracts of State land in private manors. Horikawa died in 1107, after a reign of twenty years, and was succeeded by his son Toba, a child of five.

The rising was soon crushed, but, a few years later, Bishop Walcher was obliged to grant to the citizens the charters which Bishop Gérard had refused them, and even when, in 1107, the Emperor Henry V tore up Cambrai's charter, the town preserved its sheriffs and magistrates.

King Khang, in B.C. 1107, invested his younger brother, called Shu-yue, with the territory where Yao was supposed to have ruled anciently as the marquis of Thang, in the present department of Thai-yuean, Shan-hsi, the fief retaining that ancient name. Subsequently the name of the state was changed to Zin, from the river Zin in the southern part of it. THE PAO YUe.

In this battle 3000 of the Saracens perished, with a very small loss on the side of the Christians; and the city of Joppa was delivered from its enemies. Hakluyt, I.45. Chron. Hierosol. IX. ix. xi. xii. Of the Transactions of certain English, Danish, and Flemish Pilgrims in the Holy Land, in 1107 .

Tortha Karf began, alphabetically, to blaspheme every god he had ever heard of. He had only gotten as far as a Fourth Level deity named Allah when a red light began flashing in front of Asthar Varn, and the voice of a page-robot, amplified, roared: "Point of special urgency! Point of special urgency! It has been requested that the news telecast screen be activated at once, with playback to 1107.

The nave, though Norman at its heart, has been altered in a most interesting way to Perpendicular without scrapping the earlier work. Walkelyn's tower fell in and ruined the choir in 1107, legend says as a protest against the body of Rufus being placed beneath it. The present low tower immediately took its place. Bishop de Lucy was responsible for rebuilding the Early English choir about 1200.

"In answer to your favour No. 1107, referring to the case of the City and County of San Francisco against Excelsior Warehouse & Storage Co., I would say " His voice continued, expressionless, measured, distinct.