Vesicula prostatica, the homologue of the uterus. Vibrissae, represented by long hairs in the eyebrows. Vidua. Vidua axillaris. Villerme, M., on the influence of plenty upon stature. Vinson, Aug., courtship of male spider; on the male of Epeira nigra. Viper, difference of the sexes in the. Virey, on the number of species of man. Virtues, originally social only; gradual appreciation of.

H. vidua," "Marg' L. de A. in com' E. Spinster," and "Sara B. de C. in comitatu Eb. vidua," are those of the actual culprits and of their residences. Yorkshire is clearly one of the counties meant. It was, moreover, West's own county. The account of Elizabethan exorcism which we have given is necessarily one-sided.

It is not pleasant to stand waiting for a whole hour, only to find at its end that one is no farther forward than at first. But when the antechamber was nearly full, a uniformed official entered by a side door and made his way to the very foot of the line where the Hungarians were standing. "Serenissima principessa de Cagliari! Nobilis domina vidua de Dormand! Egregius dominus de Zimand!"

Pickering, while I and the rest went to see the Queen, who used us very respectfully: her hand we all kissed. She seems a very debonaire, but a plain lady. She had here one picture upon the top, with these words, dedicating it to the memory of her husband: "Incomparabili marito, inconsolabilis vidua." 18th.

With defenceless species, in which both sexes, or the males alone, become extremely conspicuous during the breeding-season, or when the males acquire at this season such long wing or tail-feathers as to impede their flight, as with Cosmetornis and Vidua, it certainly at first appears highly probable that the second moult has been gained for the special purpose of throwing off these ornaments.

While Bernardo Tolomei was founding the Order of Monte Oliveto, Dante penned his letter to the cardinals of Italy: Quomodo sola sedet civitas plena populo: facta est quasi vidua domino gentium. Bernardo and his friends hollowed with their own hands grottos in the rock, and strewed their stone beds with withered chestnut-leaves.

The girl grew pale. There had been nothing said about this in the correspondence. The professor took down his note-book and read out the name and description of the accused: "'Parentes, Sarah, vidua macellarii' Sarah, the butcher's widow. His father was a butcher, and he will be a butcher too. People who work in blood! What do you say to that?

On the Vidua, 'Ibis, vol. iii. 1861, p. 133. On the Drongo- shrikes, Jerdon, ibid. vol. i. p. 435. On the vernal moult of the Herodias bubulcus, Mr. S.S. Allen, in 'Ibis, 1863, p. 33. But the believer in the gradual modification of species will be far from feeling surprise at finding gradations of all kinds.

But for these reasons he might, at need, accept Oecolampadius's view. Later follows De vidua Christiana, The Christian Widow, for Mary of Hungary, which is as impeccable but less interesting. All this did not disarm the defenders of the old Church. They held fast to the clear picture of Erasmus's creed that arose from the Colloquies and that could not be called purely Catholic.

Matthew and the De puritate Ecclesiae in 1542; the De immensa Dei misericordia in 1558 and 1573; the Apophthegmata Graeciae sapientum in 12 editions between 1558 and 1599; the De praeparatione ad mortem in 1564 and 1786; and the Vidua Christiana in 1595.