Keep down the mice, and that sort of thing, you know. This animal's a demon for mice. This was a telling argument. Trentham's sister had lately been married, and she certainly had had some idea of investing in a cat to adorn her home. 'As for beetles, continued the invalid, pushing home his advantage, 'they simply daren't come out of their lairs for fear of him.

"I'm told," whispered Miss Burrage, "that Miss Trentham's to have a lace raffle at the Wells next week." "A raffle?" cried Lady Di., turning her back immediately upon the doll and the lace. "Well," cried Mrs. Puffit, "instead of eight say seven and twenty shillings, Miss Burrage, for old acquaintance sake." "Old acquaintance!" exclaimed Miss Burrage: "la! Mrs.

"Eight and twenty, my lady and I lose by every yard I sell at that price. Ma'am, you see," said Mrs. Puffit, appealing to Miss Burrage, "'tis real Valenciennes, you see." "I see 'tis horrid dear," said Miss Burrage: then in a whisper to Lady Di. she added, "at Miss Trentham's at the Wells, your ladyship will meet with such bargains!" Mrs.

Baker eagerly, "you'd a bin shot but for me. Some gents will never learn 'ow 'to 'old their guns. I knocked the barrel up just in the nick. That Mr. Lascelles, 'e weren't safe." Ashbridge! Oh so the man had been employed at Ashbridge Hall, Lord Trentham's place, some thirty miles away on the edge of Lough Aske. How long ago? Patsy kept asking himself the question. He looked after Sir Shawn and Mr.

En masse, that is to say, with the exception of his father, who said he was too busy, but felt sure it was nothing serious. There's nothing the matter with Dick. Trentham's sister was his first visitor. 'I say, said he, when he had satisfied her on the subject of his health, 'would you like to do me a good turn? She intimated that she would be delighted, and asked for details.