We'll be hearing o' you boys Pate Wylie and you and a wheen mair having rare ploys in Barbie through the thummer." "Oh, we'll kick up a bit of a dust," Gourlay sniggered, well pleased. Had not the Deacon ranked him in the robustious great company of Burns! "I say, Deacon, come in and have a nip." "There's your faither," grinned the Deacon.

"Ain't you ashamed to keep such late hours, Miss Blondheim?" said Mr. Arnheim. "I don't see no early-to-bed-early-to-rise medals on none of us," she said, diffidently. "These thummer rethorts sure ain't no plathe for a minither's thon," said Mr. Epstein. Laughter. "Remember, Mr. Arnheim, whoever's up first wait in the leather chair opposite the elevator." "Sure thing, Miss Sternberger."

"Elmer said we'd take a vote on it!" "Yes, and tonight the next regular meeting of the Hickory Ridge Boy Scout Troop is scheduled to take place, so we'll soon know where we stand." "Thith hath been a pretty tame thummer for the cwowd, all told, don't you think, Lil Artha?" "It certainly has, as sure as your name's Ted Burgoyne.

He took a gey nip last thummer, and this thummer I wager he takes mair o't. He avowed his plain intention. 'I mean to kick up a bit of a dust, thays he. Oh, but he's the splurge!" "Ay, ay," said Sandy Toddle, "thae students are a gey squad especially the young ministers." "Ou," said Tam Wylie, "dinna be hard on the ministers. Ministers are just like the rest o' folk.

"Phil Baronet, you thon of a horthe-thief, where have you been keeping yourthelf? We've been waiting here thinthe Thummer before latht to meet you." That was Bud Anderson's greeting. Pink-cheeked, sturdy, and stubby as a five-year-old, he was standing in my path as I slipped from my horse in front of old Fort Hays one October day a fortnight after the rescue of Colonel Forsyth's little company.