"'Impossible! I cried; 'it cannot be, take me to him at once. Let me at least try what can be done for him. "Then this Emir this wicked, this infamous man took me in his arms, in spite of my struggles, and kissed me and said: 'Think no more of Suliman, who is gone, and whom you will not see again. Now you belong to me I love you, I have loved you for months, and never more shall we part.

You remember him, Suliman, at the Sphinx?" "Yes," said Tamara. "I had a little party to some of my friends, and we were rather gay not a party you would have approved of, but one which pleased us all the same and they dared me to ride Suliman from the stables to the big saloon." "And I suppose you did?" Tamara's voice was full of contempt.

The confederacy was severely shaken, and when, in the following year, Suliman again revolted, the Egyptian troops under Gessi Pasha were able to disperse his forces and induce him to surrender on terms. Towards the end of 1879 Gordon left the Soudan. With short intervals he had spent five busy years in its provinces. His energy had stirred the country.

But, during Susi's absence, the news had been conveyed to the Doctor that it was surely a white man that was coming, whose guns were firing, and whose flag could be seen; and the great Arab magnates of Ujiji Mohammed bin Sali, Sayd bin Majid, Abid bin Suliman, Mohammed bin Gharib, and others had gathered together before the Doctor's house, and the Doctor had come out from his veranda to discuss the matter and await my arrival.

The whole story of his relations with Zubehr is extremely characteristic. Zubehr's son, Suliman, had been executed, if not by Gordon's orders, at least during his administration of the Soudan and with his complete approval.

May I borrow Suliman, and ride round at once?" "When you've got outside a fair allowance of tea and sandwiches. Not a minute sooner!" "Tea? Rather not. But I'd sell my immortal soul for an iced peg!"

'Such and such men of letters are passing their summer holidays in the Val d'Aosta, or the Mountains of the Moon, or the Suliman Range, as it may happen. So reports our literary 'Court Circular, and all our Precieuses read the tidings with enthusiasm. Lastly, if the critic be quite new to the world of letters, he may superfluously fear to vex a poet or a novelist by the abundance of his eulogy.

It transpired that Richardson had come over, post-haste, to report three cases among his men; and at sun-down the little mountain battery, with its three subalterns and full camp equipment, marched out into the open desert, scornfully overlooked by that Pisgah height of the Frontier, the Takti Suliman, whose square-cut crags were printed in sharp outline upon a stainless sky. Pull.

He even saw Suliman sitting upon his own throne, and trying to calm the populace by representing to them that it was not certain Prince Cherry was dead, that he might return one day to re-assume with honour the crown which Suliman only consented to wear as a sort of viceroy. "I know his heart," said the honest and faithful old man; "it is tainted, but not corrupt.

Still uninterested in the man who shadowed him, he walked back to the office window and wrote two telegrams; one to Bombay, ordering the arrest of Ali Mirza of the Fort, with an urgent admonition to discover who his man Abdul might be, and to seize him as soon as found; the other to the station in the north, insisting on dose confinement for Suliman.