And greatly did they marvel when they saw the body of the Cid Ruydiez how fair it was, for he seemed rather alive than dead. And they moved on from Santesteban, towards San Pedro de Cardena. Great was the concourse of people to see the Cid Ruydiez coming in that guise.

XIX. Then these dames wrote a letter to their father the Cid, which was a letter of credence, that he should believe the tidings which Felez Munoz would deliver, and they wrote it with the blood from their wounds. And Felez Munoz went his way toward Valencia; and when he came to Santesteban he spake with Diego Tellez, who had been of the company of Alvar Fanez, and told him of what had befallen.

And when they were within half a league of Santesteban, the company of the Cid went out to meet them, as they had the Infante of Aragon; and they made no other lamentation, save that they wept with Dona Elvira; and when she came up to the body of her father she kissed his hand, and the hand of Dona Ximena her mother.

Howbeit, since ye are alive, of evils let us be thankful for the least: you have lost one marriage, and may gain a better, and the day will come when we shall avenge ye. That night they rested at Santesteban, and on the morrow they set forward and took the road towards Atienza, and the men of Santesteban escorted them as far as the river Damor, to do them pleasure.

He, so soon as he heard this great villainy, took beasts and seemly raiment, and went for those dames, and brought them from the house of that good man to Santesteban, and did them all honour that he could. They of Santesteban were always gentlemen; and they comforted the daughters of the Cid, and there they were healed of their hurts.

But Minaya would not accept it at their hands, and he thanked them, and said, Thanks, men of Santesteban, for what ye have done, and my Cid the Campeador will thank ye, as I do, and God will give ye your guerdon. Then went they to visit their kinswomen, and when they saw the dames, who can tell the great lamentation which was made on both sides? albeit that they rejoiced to see each other.

So he told them the name of the good man with whom he had left the dames, and the place where he dwelt, and also how he had spoken with Diego Tellez at Santesteban, and then they parted. XX. Alvar Fanez and Pero Bermudez held on their way, and came to the King, whom they found in Valladolid.

Then they moved on from Osma, and came to Santesteban de Gormaz. And there after few days the King of Navarre came with the Queen Dona Elvira his wife; and they brought with them two hundred knights; howbeit their shields were not reversed, for they had heard that no mourning was to be made for the Cid.

When it was known at Santesteban that Minaya was coming for his kinswomen, the men of that town welcomed him and his company, and they brought him in payment the efurcion, that is to say, the supper-money, and it was full great.

Cortès founded settlements in all the parts of the country which appeared to him advantageous: at Zacatula upon the shores of the Pacific, at Coliman in Mechoacan, at Santesteban near Tampico, at Medellin near Vera-Cruz, &c.