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Indeed, when thou wilt see the Kuru host levelled to the ground by Bhima, like a large forest torn up by the roots, then wilt thou remember these my words." Vaisampayana continued, "Having said this unto all those rulers of the earth, the king addressing Sanjaya again, asked him as follows." "Dhritarashtra said, 'Tell me, O thou of great wisdom, what high-souled Vasudeva and Dhananjaya said.

What also did they do in battle, O sire, viz., Drona's son and Karna and Kripa and others headed by Duryodhana that protected the preceptor? Tell me, O Sanjaya, how my warriors in that battle covered with their shafts Dhananjaya and Vrikodara who were solicitous of slaying Bharadwaja's son.

Similarly, Sanjaya, Drupada's son Dhrishtadyumna, uplifting his scimitar, slew the mighty bowman Drona who, already pierced with many arrows, had laid aside his weapons in battle and devoted himself to Yoga. These two were both slain at a disadvantage and especially by deceit. Even this is what I have heard about the slaughter of Bhishma and Drona!

From circumstantial inference, I see, O Sanjaya, how can the ruler of the Sindhus, if he falls within Arjuna's sight, save his life? From circumstantial inference, I see, O Sanjaya, that the ruler of the Sindhus is already dead. Tell me, however, truly how the battle raged.

When his means of living are totally gone, the man, that is destitute should certainly desire those other means by which he may be able to discharge the sanctioned duties of his order. One that is not destitute of his means of living, as also one that is in distress, are, O Sanjaya, both to be blamed, if they act as if the state of each were otherwise.

For what reason did that great bowman do this after the slaughter of the wretched Duryodhana? It behoveth thee to tell me this! "Sanjaya said, 'Through fear of the Parthas, O son of Kuru's race, Ashvatthama could not achieve such a feat then. It was owing to the absence of the Parthas and the intelligent Keshava as also of Satyaki, that Drona's son could accomplish it.

"Sanjaya continued, 'When the morning came, O monarch, Duryodhana once more addressed the ruler of the Madras endued with great activity, saying, "O ruler of the Madras, hold the reins in battle of Karna's foremost of steeds. Protected by thee, the son of Radha will vanquish Dhananjaya." Thus addressed, Shalya, answering, "So be it" ascended the car, O Bharata.

Yudhishthira is a big tree of righteousness; Arjuna is its trunk; and Bhima is its branches; the sons of Madri are its abundant flowers and fruits; and its roots are myself and religion and religious men. King Dhritarashtra with his sons constitutes a forest, while, O Sanjaya, the sons of Pandu are its tigers.

"Sanjaya continued, 'Having said those words unto Aswatthaman, he then addressed the son of Suvala, saying, "Dhananjaya is engaged in battle surrounded by a hundred thousand car-warriors of great valour. Go thou against him, with sixty thousand cars.

Alas, possessed of true prowess, alone he hath crushed numberless warriors! Tell me, O Sanjaya, how the grandson of Sini, alone as he was, passed through that vast force struggling with him in battle? "Sanjaya said, 'O king, the fierce exertions and the uproar made by thy host which abounded with cars and elephants and steeds and foot-soldiers, resembled what is seen at the end of the yuga.

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