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While I was imprisoned in the citadel, a sentinel came to the post under my window, cursed and blasphemed, exclaiming aloud against the Prussian service, and saying, if Trenck only knew my mind, he would not long continue in his hole!

Then it ought at once to give its Ambassadors and Ministers homes and dignified treatment. We've got to play a part in the world whether we wish to or not. Think of these things. The blindest great force in this world to-day is the Prussian War Party blind and stupid. Well, and the most weary man in London just at this hour is Your humble servant, W.H.P, but he'll be all right in the morning.

A Prussian, of the name of Bulow, was shot as a spy in the camp of Boulogne, because in his trunk was an English book, with the lives of Bonaparte and of some of his generals. Every day such and other examples of the severity of our Government are related; and foreigners who visit us continue, nevertheless, to be off their guard.

"'I come to see my grandmother. But I see none of the enemy. "'Unhappy child, there are thousands of them over yonder. Do not go on, I beg of you. You surely will be shot. "'I go to see my grandmother. Good day, madame. Francois plodded on across the fields in the direction indicated by the farmer's wife. Suddenly he saw a troop of Prussian cavalry approaching him at a gallop.

You face it out with a nonchalant air, but gradually the tension grows, especially when, as happened to-day at the prisoners' camp at Zossen, twenty miles south of Berlin, a great burly Prussian puts a menacing eye on you and says, without introduction: 'It is very dangerous for an Englishman here!

"For whom is this Te Deum?" said she, breathlessly. "It is for my master," said General Fink, solemnly "for the King of Prussia, who at Rossbach, with twenty thousand men, has gained a victory over sixty thousand French soldiers." A cry of rage, and Maria Josephine fell fainting to the floor. It was a cold winter day, and in the Prussian camp at Newmark every one was occupied making fires.

Nay, more; was it right that he should? It was a fitting conclusion to his career that the man who had restored the monarchical character of the Prussian State should himself shew that before the will of the King he, as every other subject, must bow. Bismarck had spent the winter of 1889 at Friedrichsruh.

Then, with a ridiculously misplaced confidence in the old-time reputation of Frederick the Great, without waiting for assistance from the Russians who were coming up, the Prussian army some 110,000 strong, under the old-fashioned duke of Brunswick advanced against the 150,000 veterans of Napoleon.

We had a long, long wait at Blackfriars' station, but a train came eventually, and we reached the flat in South Kensington as a neighbouring church clock struck ten. The journey was curious and impressive from first to last. Fleet Street had been very much alive still when we left it; and we saw long files of baggage wagons rumbling along between Prussian lancers.

The Prussian military and bureaucratic systems were now extended to all Germany in other words, the rest of the German peoples were made virtually the vassals and slaves of the Prussian monarch. This time the King of Prussia received the Imperial crown at the hands of the kings, princes, and other hereditary rulers of the various German States.