He that endamageth any manne: as the losse or hinderaunce shalbe valewed, so muste he of force recompence. In claiming of goodes, or possessions, the claimer muste proue by witnesse that the thing claimed is his: and the denier shalbe tried by his othe. Witnesses they admitte none, but persones of knowen honestie, and suche as mighte be belieued withoute an othe.

Whereby it came to passe, that neither the secret purposes of the king could be concealed till they might take due effect; neither their assemblies proue quiet without quarelling and taking of parts. But what is a king if his subiects be not loiall? What is a realme, if the common wealth be diuided?

Bateese had not done laughing when they reached the proue, or bow-nest, a deck fully ten feet in length by eight in width, sheltered above by an awning, and comfortably arranged with chairs, several rugs, a small table, and, to David's amazement, a hammock. He had never seen anything like this on the Three Rivers, nor had he ever heard of a scow so large or so luxuriously appointed.

After this, the king commanded that the lords, Berklei, and Louell, and six knights of the lower house, should go after dinner to examine the said Hall. There were twentie other lords also that threw downe their hoods, as pledges to proue the like matter against the duke of Aumarle.

But I hope, as in other places the recouerie of their diseases doeth acquaint their bodies with the aire of the countries where they be, so the remainder of these which haue either recouered, or past without sicknesse will proue most fit for Martiall seruices.

To prone by anthoritie a passage to be on the North side of America, to goe to Cataia, China, and to the East India. Capitulo 2. To prone by reason a passage to be on the North side of America, to goe to Cataia, Moluccæ, &c. Capitulo 3. To proue by experience of sundry mens trauailes the opening of this Northwest passage, whereby good hope remaineth of the rest. Capitulo 4.

About midnight the Lieutenant caused a false Alarme to be giuen in the Island, to proue as well the readines of the company there ashore, as also what helpe might be hoped for vpon the sudden from the ships if need so required, and euery part was found in good readines vpon such a sudden.

Pierre comes, will you teach me how to use them?" "Always it is 'When St. Pierre comes," he replied. "Shall we be waiting long?" "Two or three days, perhaps a little longer. Are you coming with me to the proue, m'sieu?" She did not wait for his answer, but went ahead of him, dangling the two pairs of gloves at her side.

To proue by circumstance, that the Northwest passage hath bene sailed throughout. Capitulo 5. To proue that such Indians as haue bene driuen vpon the coastes of Germanie came not thither by the Southeast, and Southwest, nor from any part of Afrike or America. Capitulo 6. To prooue that the Indians aforenamed came not by the Northeast, and that there is no thorow passage nauigable that way.

In witnesse whereof we haue caused these our Letters to be made patents: Witnesse the King at Westminster the sixt day of Ianuarie, in the second yeere of his raigne. The yeere of our Lord 1548. A discourse written by Sir Humphrey Gilbert Knight, to proue a passage by the Northwest to Cathaia, and the East Indies. Capitulo 1.