"See them come!" cried an excited old farmer. "Say, it beats the electric cars down at Poseyville!" The field was in a wild flutter. The contesting aircraft came nearer and nearer. Finally Hiram could make out the Aegis fully a mile in the lead, the wings set for a drop straight beyond the south pylon. "He's won Mr. King has won!" he shouted again and again, fairly dancing up and down.

Vernon or Poseyville 'll make a sky-soaring, spread-eagle speech, and " "O, do come off, Si," said Shorty irritably. "You're only making yourself hungrier exercising your tongue so. Come here and git your share o' the breakfast and mind you eat fair."

I'm Deputy Grand Organizer for the Knights for Southern Indiana and the jurisdiction of Louisville generally. You ought to remember me. I recollect you perfectly. I organized the Lodges in Poseyville, and all through your County.

Go to the bank president's office, go to the railroad magnate's office, go to the great pulpit, to the college chair go to any place of great responsibility in a city and ask the one who fills the place, "Were you born in this city?" The reply is almost a monotony. "I born in this city? No, I was born in Poseyville, Indiana, and I came to this city forty years ago and went to work at the bottom."

The red blood of redemption flows from the country year by year into the national arteries, else these cities would drop off the map. If it were not for Poseyville, Indiana, Chicago would disappear. If it were not for Poseyville, New York would disintegrate for lack of leaders. "Hep" and "Pep" for the Home Town But so many of the home towns of America are sick. Many are dying. Many are dead.