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In neurological terms, the increase in energy consists in the flow of more nervous energy into the brain, particularly into those areas where it is needed for certain kinds of controlled thought and action.

We must remember, too, that no focal neurological symptoms are ever observed, which makes the possibility of a central nervous system infection highly unlikely. An alternative view might be that the slight rise of fever is somehow the result of stupor, not the cause of it. The editor consulted Professor Charles R. Stockard, of Cornell Medical College, as to this possibility.

In a recent discussion before the American Neurological Association Hammond defined merycism as the functions of remastication and rumination in the human subject. He referred to several cases, among them that of the distinguished physiologist, Brown-Sequard, who acquired the habit as a result of experiments performed upon himself.

In fact he believed his condition was permanent and incurable especially since he had been treated at various neurological clinics for many weeks past without the slightest improvement or progress. Were we to follow up this history we could unearth the full life history of this patient, including the genesis of his early attack of aphonia.

Hence, Hall's discovery must always stand as one of the great mile-stones of the advance of neurological science.

As I long ago pointed out, these two great questions are not two separate "world-riddles." The neurological problem of consciousness is only a special case of the all comprehending cosmological problem, the question of substance. "If we understood the nature of matter and energy, we should also understand how the substance underlying them can under certain conditions feel, desire, and think."

"But the other people," asked Diana, "what is going to happen to them if you let them go in free and browse among the books?" "They are less important," answered the Academic Lion. "Besides we expect soon to establish a cranial, neurological, and psychopathic examination which will determine the subliminal, temperamental needs of every applicant.

She was surprised that for all her walks on various beaches, trying to make sophisticated judgments about life to match the thickets of her adult neurological connections, by comparison these had been wasted hours. Such attempts at staring at the ocean had never brought her as close to the entity as this. They didn't give her much peace of mind.

He may have hoped, even though he did not believe, that isolating it would be the means to an instantaneous cure from all perverse ideas not of the heterosexual variety; and for a moment he frantically unblocked most neurological corridors, no matter how stygian, until contemplating this senseless contemplation made him feel a bit nauseous.

Again the retention may be good. In the foreground stands a strong tendency to perseveration. This may affect speech to the point of an apparent aphasia or produce paragraphia. Plainly organic aphasia and focal neurological symptoms are sometimes seen.