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Henry J.G. Herbert, Lord Porchester, afterwards third Earl of Carnarvon, had published The Moor in 1825, and Don Pedro in 1826. St. Catherine's, the seat of Sir William Rae, Bart., then Lord Advocate, is about three miles from Edinburgh. J.G.L. Sir William Rae's refusal of a legal appointment to Mr. Lockhart's quitting the Bar and devoting himself entirely to literature.

Scott's unwearied interest in James Hogg, despite the waywardness of this imaginative genius, is one of the most beautiful traits in his character. Readers of Mr. Lockhart's Life, do not require to be reminded of the active part he took in promoting the welfare of the "Ettrick Shepherd" on many occasions, from the outset of their acquaintance in 1801 until the end of his life.

Parton having given us a picture of Father Hecker as he appeared to Protestants, the following exhibits him as Catholics saw him. It is an extract from Father Lockhart's clever book, The Old Religion; the original of Father Dilke is Father Hecker: "The day after our last conversation, having an introduction to the Superior of the Fathers in New York, my friends agreed to accompany me.

Goldwin Smith's Life of Cowper. Wright's Life of Cowper. Shairp's Robert Burns. Carlyle's Essay on Burns. Lockhart's Life of Scott., Hutton's Life of Scott. Yonge's Life of Scott. Goldwin Smith's Life of Jane Austen. Helm's Jane Austen and her Country House Comedy. Mitton's Jane Austen and her Times. Adams's The Story of Jane Austen's Life. Robertson's Wordsworth and the English Lake Country.

He suggested the idea of the cigar-case, and said that I need not go near Walen's again, and I didn't. I assure you I had no curiosity on the matter. In any case a little thing like that couldn't hurt me. Some days later Henson came to me again, and asked me to go to Lockhart's and purchase the cigar-case I had previously seen. He wanted me to get the case so that I could not be traced.

Surely you don't suppose that a firm like Lockhart's would be guilty of anything " Ruth rose to her feet, her face pale and resolute. "This must be looked to," she said. "The cigar-case sent to you on that particular night was purchased at Lockhart's by myself and paid for with my own money!"

Quarterly Review, No. 66: Lockhart's review of Sheridan's Life. It is interesting to read what James Ballantyne has recorded on this subject. "Sir Walter at all times laboured under the strangest delusion, as to the merits of his own works.

Hope had made Mr. Lockhart's acquaintance; and thus what appeared a very meaningless episode in his juvenile years materially affected his destiny in life. In a letter of July 23, 1847, to his sister, Lady Henry Kerr, he speaks as follows of the important step in life he had decided upon, and of the character of his betrothed:

They would say, the men of his own profession . . . he remembered the half-pitying things that he himself had said when Lockhart's new waterworks burst and broke down in brick-heaps and sludge, and Lockhart's spirit broke in him and he died.

I have amused myself to-day with reading Lockhart's Life of Burns, which is very well written in fact, an admirable thing.

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