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This is how it reads in Cree, which we give, that our readers may see what this beautiful language looks like: "Aspeecke saketat Kesa-Maneto askeeyou kah ke ooche maket oopay ye-koo-sah-ke aweyit katapua yaye mah kwa akah keche nese-wah nah-tee-sit maka kacke at ayaky ka-ke-ka pimatissewin." It was a long sermon that was preached that day. For four hours the missionary talked without stopping.

From each tai two specially robust men were selected as archers, and for each kwa there were six pack-horses. If more than one such force took the field, the whole was commanded by a general-in-chief. The law provided that appointment to office and promotion should depend, not upon rank, but upon knowledge and capacity.

At last Kwa was reached, and here they found themselves under the protection of several European military organizations. The native women and children were released, much to their joy, and my readers can rest assured that these Africans lost no time in getting back to that portion of the Dark Continent which they called home. From Kwa to Boma the journey was comparatively easy.

"Kwa" he began, and stopped. Emotion for an instant softened his impassive countenance. He turned away. "Fong Wu," he added, and was gone. The following afternoon the crunch of cart wheels before the square-fronted house announced her coming. A white man was seated beside her in the vehicle.

'He is in the garb of a Quaker, ran the message, 'with a brown coat on, which reaches nearly to his feet. There was no 'Q' in the alphabet of the five-needle instrument, and the clerk at Slough began to spell the word 'Quaker' with a 'kwa'; but when he had got so far he was interrupted by the clerk at Paddington, who asked him to 'repent. The repetition fared no better, until a boy at Paddington suggested that Slough should be allowed to finish the word.

We followed him to the place Kwa Myawo, and there we lay hid in the bush watching. At last our chance came. Dingaan walked in the bush and with him two men only. We stabbed the men and seized him. Dingaan looked at us and knew us, and his knees trembled with fear. Then I spoke:

If the whites were allowed to pass through the country unharmed until they, reached the village of Kwa, where the Kassai River joins the Congo, they would release all of the women and children at that point and they could go back to rejoin their husbands and fathers. If, on the other hand, the expedition was attacked the whites would put all of those in bondage to instant death.

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